Small Bedrooms and The Murphy Bed


Do you feel like your bedroom is too small? Well, you are not alone. In this article we are going to talk about the many ways that you can make use of your limited space. And in the middle of it, we will highlight how the mighty Murphy bed will breathe new life into your cramped space. It might indeed seem like a tall order to fit your stuff inside a tiny room especially if you are used to having all immediate fixtures immediately available. The common mistake that some people, usually those that just started with their careers from tiny apartments, make is to confine themselves to only the bare minimum. Such minimalistic approach can only lead to wastage since much of the throwable or disposable alternatives to basic needs can be more expensive.

The Murphy Bed Is Proof That Small Is Not All That Bad

To begin our quest of understanding how it is to live a full life in a small bedroom, we must first accept that a small bedroom need not be a bad thing. Big things can come from small packages or as they say. This may not seem true at first but there is actually a trick to it. Instead of trying to remove fixtures a function at a time, try to fit everything that you might need in a bedroom and just go with it. It is indeed a tall order but that is what technology is for. There are a lot of alternatives out there that do not only let you do everything that you need to do in a  bedroom but actually makes it more economical, and more importantly, fun.

Small bedrooms are actually a delight to design. There is not that much fear to press reset and redo everything since the room is small anyway.

Designing A Murphy Bed Bedroom – Keep It Simple

A cramped space can only look more terrible with a complex color palette. What you want to do is to keep the design as simple as possible. This way you would not be bombarded with an assortment of colors coming from every angle. Do not hesitate to add a little flare however, like a painting for instance should not take up too much space but can brighten up a room.

What usually works for a small room is to paint it all white and be done with it. But if you cannot live in a room without your favorite color then choose a lighter variant of that color and add a few strokes of that into your room. Do not think that you do not have any space to experiment even though your room says otherwise.

Keeping it simple is such a complex thing. Knowing what you want and how to get it are two separate things that require their own hard looks. In the case of the tiny bedroom, what you want is not to have to neglect your needs even if the small space makes you feel otherwise. And how to get it is just using pure imagination. With the technologies that we have, like the Murphy bed that has been around for a while now, you should be able to make that tiny room of yours feel like home.

So, what does it really mean to keep things simple? Well, for starters, you do not want to try to make a mini-version of a grand room that you have envisioned opposed to what you are left with. A smaller queen-sized bed is really not a queen-sized bed but simply a bed in a smaller size. There is no harm in compromise and do not be scared to try out new things.

A Murphy Bed Bedroom Needs All The Light

Table lamps are staples to the bedroom. But if you have a tiny space, it may feel like a luxury. The lamp is one thing, but the clunky table that it comes with might be a problem. There are a lot of possible alternatives to the table lamp. There is no reason for you to give up that much space if you have other options.

Your first bet should be to go natural. This means using natural light that comes from the sun. This works well on two levels. First, it saves you money from the electric bill amount that you will not have to pay. And second, it is a natural heat trap for the cold seasons which is another way for you to save on electricity. A few panels of open lighting should be enough to light up your entire room given that it is small after all. One problem that you will have is, of course, that this will only work in day time. You would still need to install lighting to ensure that you have light even during night time. Another problem is that if you do not trust your neighborhood from not spying on you, then better to keep those curtains shut.

Instead of using table lamps, you can use wall mounted lamps instead. Although they still take some space, it is not as much compared to the table lamp. Make sure that the wiring goes behind the wall so that it will not take up space in a different way. If you are no stranger to a bit of innovation, then you might want to check out mounted lamps with movable joints. This way the lamp can retreat into the wall if not being used thus saving you more space.

And finally, there is no harm in relying on the old bulbs attached to the ceiling. Whether it is LED or not, there is no reason for you to not take advantage of a classic. Having the lights on the ceiling gives you the ultimate space saving option in terms of lighting. However, if you like getting reading done while you are in bed, then this option should be supplemented with a reading lamp that could then be the wall mounted lamp discussed prior.