Improving Your House From Inside and Outside To Be Ready To Get Sold


Selling the house is one of the hardest decisions to make. It requires a lot of time, patience and knowledge about which one to approach among the variety of services. Of course, if you have enough time, you may approach to an agent, otherwise sell your house fast.

In case you’re going to be waiting for potential buyers to visit your house, you need to work on it and do different changes and make it more welcoming and ready for the big market and different buyers.

Let’s go through some simple steps one by one to learn how to make your house look pleasant and better to the buyers’ eyes. This will also increase the value of your house.


Any house’s exterior is the first impression of the property. The first impression, especially while selling a house is one of the most important things to think about. The first impression creates an attitude towards you and what you are selling, so try to keep it as positive as possible.

Now let’s go further and see what we can do to make our house more attractive and increase its price.

First of all, let’s do some minor at the same time important changes like planting flowers, mowing the lawn, getting rid of different clutter or debris, unimportant and temporary stuff.  For a better-looking house try cleaning your house surroundings:  driveways, walkways, patios, pool, and anything that is visible and interesting for the buyer.

Next thing to care about, is fixing anything broken, painting, as well as cleaning your windows and doors. It’s also important to take care of your outdoor lighting (changing old light bulbs, fixing broken sets), change your doormat to something beautiful and bright. Try to be as creative as possible to give the best first impression possible.

It’s clear that your house is not a piece of art in the museum to show everyone around, but as soon as you decide to sell it, it should become one. Make it as beautiful and fresh-looking as possible: you need to have your property in its best condition before the potential buyers arrive.


The backyard of your house is equally important. Your backyard is a part of your exterior and whatever we advice above, refers to this area as well.  Just make your backyard super pleasant.

Whenever the buyer asks to see it, you cannot bring excuses to reject them. This is very important to remember as they’re not only going to buy the front of your house but the entire area – every corner of it. In case you have some extra areas, remember to take care of them as well. Be prepared to show everything!


People are different. Some are very picky, others are not. We need to take into account the fact that our house should be very pleasant-looking and welcoming for every kind of person (as much as possible). Sometimes it happens that the buyers leave the property as soon as they step in. To avoid this kind of unpleasant situation, you need to keep your house super clean.


Usually, what causes a lot of negativity is messy and overloaded rooms (even if it’s your personal staff).

The floor and the walls of your house should be kept clean. Preferably there shouldn’t be anything on the tables but flowers or any nice decors (flowers change the overall mood of your house so you can put some beautiful flowers in different parts of your house).


As to the kitchen, which very often can become another negative corner, you need to keep your dishes clean, get rid of used sponges and never leave unfinished food. Clean everything, get rid of different smells.

Smells are important, in fact very important. Very often being in the kitchen, you start not to notice the unpleasant or heavy smells caused by different kinds of food because you are already there for a long time. Try to go out of your house and come back after a short amount of time to know how it smells! You may even invite your friend and ask if your kitchen smells good.

Personal items

Whenever selling your house, keep in mind that everyone loves spacious and bright houses. In case you want to make your house competitive in the big market, it’s crucial to bring it to the best possible condition, sometimes even more!

At this stage, remember that your house should not look overloaded! Nobody likes that! And very often houses look overloaded because of your personal items. It’s natural to have a lot of personal items in the house because that’s how it should be – that’s what everyone’s houses are. But the case is different if you are trying to sell your house. Whenever you want to sell your house successfully, you are almost obligated to empty the space and get rid of your personal items you are going to take with you.

This is kind of a psychological and visual trick as well: if your house looks overloaded then it looks not spacious, not clean, not bright and the potential buyer automatically blocks the idea of buying your house as it’s being considered as a clutter. The presence of a lot of different personal items indeed makes the area look small. That is a big turn off.

Light! Light! Light!

Light is important! It’s important to make your house look good unless you have enough light. Nobody wants to buy dark houses.  Dark rooms give negative emotions, don’t they? Some people, of course, make their rooms dark because it’s relaxing for them, but that’s all about your comfort zone and this case is different.

Potential buyers are looking for bright and spacious houses that are positive. This is because everyone understands that they are buying the property and they’re going to live there. Maybe for a very long time.

Use all the possible light sources like doors, windows, lamps or anything else to make your house look bright!

Final Thoughts

These were some little professional pieces of advice that always work. Whatever we talked about above, it only in case you have a lot of time to put your house in the big market to sell it (or approach to an agent). In case you want to sell your house fast, there are always people whom you can approach and they will buy it within a few days with cash and you don’t need to worry about how your house looks like. They’ll buy it anyway!

And last but not least, try to give a look at your property from the buyers’ eyes. Look at your house like you are trying to buy it. Would you buy your house? How much do you like it?