5 Exterior Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas


For many people, remodeling and renovation only include the interior portion of the house. The outside of the house is equally important. Anyone who comes to visit your home will lay their eyes on the exterior first. A beautiful exterior provides a great ambiance to a house. It also encourages you and your family to spend a little less time indoors. Take the lawn outside your house. A well-kept and beautiful garden adds to the overall appeal of a home. You can also renovate your patio and enhance your curb appeal. An exterior renovation is not an expense. The value of your property increases with these investments. Changing a few trivial things, and taking care of a few details will work wonders for you. In the article below, let us discuss a few exterior home remodeling and renovation ideas.

1. Start with the lawn

A beautiful lawn immensely improves the property’s curb appeal and the overall feel of the house. Remodeling the garden takes time. Sometimes, it will take a few seasons before your toils start bearing fruits.

The first thing you should do it remove all the dead leaves and grass. Get rid of all the weed. That will allow your grass to grow thick. You should also make sure that the level of the entire lawn should be the same. Don’t leave any soil mounds anywhere in the garden.

Plants and trees add a beautiful texture to the lawn. As an added advantage, plant growth will obstruct the view of your house from the outside. If you already have a line of trees outside your home, you must seek advice from experts like tree service Austin TX for trimming and servicing them. They will carry out the job without any damage to your house or its surroundings.

2. Experiment with Wood Siding

Replacing old sidings with wood is a great idea. Wood sidings are quite beautiful all by themselves, but a little creativity will further pizazz to your property. There is no need to be straight all the time. It is also advisable to combine wood, steel, and stone sidings. Develop a combination of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal boards, or any pattern that catches your eye.

Suppose you are okay with your existing sidings. There is no need to change them. You can paint them with creative colors. Neutral colors like gray and blue are the best choices for exterior painting. But, you can also opt for black, which will provide your home with an imposing look.

3. Install Decorative Lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most critical aspects of renovation or remodeling. Lighting is important because it provides illumination at night. Decorative lighting can serve the purpose of light and enhance the visual appeal of your house.

Decorative lighting does not mean that it has to be colorful. It would merely mean the placement of light, its intensity, and compatibility with the landscape. Remodeling the entire lighting of the house is a good idea. There is a wide variety of such lights readily available. Professionals who are good at fixing decorative lights would carry out the installation. Once these lights are up and running, you will see the enormous positive difference in your home exterior.

4. Porch or Portico

Everybody wants a grand porch in their house. But the cost associated with a porch or a deck is very high. It makes people drop this idea altogether. A straightforward and cheap replacement of a porch is a patio. It is a smaller entrance complete with columns and roof. A porch allows you to save money.  It adds beauty to your property. You can choose any color scheme for the patio. The idea is to complement the existing exterior of the house. In this aspect, the courtyard acts as a small-sized porch that does not occupy a lot of space. It also serves the purpose of the porch.

5. Focus on the Landscape

These days, renovating the exterior of a house does not involve the house itself. The landscape is equally important. Many beautiful homes lose their appeal simply because their surroundings are not on par. The idea is simple: an impoverished countryside will harm the house itself.  There are quite a few ways in which you can remodel the landscape. But the first thing is to get the area cleaned properly.

Second, go for a balanced approach. There should be a balance in all the elements of the landscape. These will include the front garden, fences, and grass. Next, become creative with the pathway. You can line it up with different colored flowers. The flower path should lead to the front door. Finally, add water features like outdoor water fountains.
. It will enhance your landscape manifold.


The exterior of the house is as much important as the interior. It offers the first expression to a visitor regarding the people who live inside it. A good thing about exterior renovation and remodeling is it does not disrupt your life in any because most of the work has carried out outside. You don’t need to carry out the entire exterior renovation at the same time. You can do it in parts whenever convenient for you.