Colour Therapy: 5 Bedsheet Colours for Better Sleep


You must have heard that colour preferences define who you are on the inside. Like if you often wear bright coloured clothes, it depicts a vivid personality, or opposite traits get portrayed by wearing dark coloured clothes. You can also notice the importance of colours in movies or TV shows. The characters who need to be innocent and happy are always shown wearing glowing shades instead of dull and dark. But the significance of colours doesn’t end here. Even the tones you surround yourself with determines your mood. That is why you have to pick only suitable colours while buying bedsheets online so that they can aid in your sleeping pattern. 

Here are five options of bedsheet colours that can help you get a night of better sleep. 

  1. Blue 

The colour of oceans and sky is said to bring a sense of stability in life. That is the reason for it standing on the top of this list. In a study conducted by Travelodge, it was found that people who slept in blue environments had the most amount of sleep. They rested for almost eight hours and woke up more happy and refreshed. It means they did not only sleep for longer, but they also slept well. You can pick this colour and check for yourself whether it works or not. 

  1. Yellow

Yellow has always been the colour that brings a ray of positive energy, then why not add it in your bed sheets? The colour stands just below blue in the sleeping time study list. In case bright yellow doesn’t seem significant to you, you can pick more neutral or creamy butter shades. It will work as well. 

  1. Green

Have you ever visited a place full of greenery and suddenly began feeling excellent or relaxed? It is due to the sense of freshness that the colour green carries with it. Therefore, green serves as one of the best shades you can incorporate in your bed sheets collection. Plus, it was found during the study that a significant number of people woke up feeling more cheerful with this colour around them. 

  1. Silver

There are multiple factors associated with bed sheets of colour silver. First is the luxury aspect. You can see whenever there is a mention of a vibrant environment, the first thing that comes to mind is items made of silver. The second factor is a calm and energetic feeling. The same study proved that people who slept in silvers were found to be more motivated towards exercising or going on for their day. 

  1. Orange

Orange lies between yellow and red. That is why it brings both the energy of red and the cheer of yellow. It not only helps you calm at night but also gives you an energetic feeling in the morning. If you are fond of bright colours, then orange bed sheets simply can’t go out of your list. 


In case you like neutral environments, you can opt for while bed sheets as well. They give a feeling of cleanliness and helps you sleep better. You can also check out the significance of different colours. According to what you want from your bedsheet, you can pick any of the colours.