The Reasons Why You Should Install Water Filtration


70% of the human body contains water. And humans have to consume enough water for their bodies to work properly. So, it can be concluded that water has an important role in everyday life, like oxygen.

Water is already available from the earth. It’s just that, the cleanliness of the water we consume is not guaranteed. There will be some bacteria in the water.

So, in order for the water you use to be sure of its cleanliness, you must install water filtration. And here are The Reasons Why You Should Install Water Filtration. So, let’s check it out!

Drinking-Water is Much Healthier

Maintaining a healthy body is very important. The basic things that you can apply for a healthy body are to choose the foods and drinks that you consume.

Even though you use water that has been treated by agencies, it means that the water you get is clean water (free from bacteria and other substances). Instead, the water agency adds chemicals such as fluoride and fluorine to water as a treatment method. And, by installing water filtration, the water you use will be guaranteed cleanliness. With this, the water will be healthy to drink.

Saving Your Cost

Some people prefer to buy bottled mineral water because it is clean. However, this is very wasteful. Imagine a day you drink 3 liters of water. How much mineral water will you buy in a month? Of course, this will increase your monthly costs.

By installing water filtration, you no longer need to buy bottled mineral water because with water filtration, you can consume the water in your home. This is one of the best ways to save money.

Reducing Plastic Waste

When you decide to buy bottled mineral water, you can imagine how many plastic bottles you will throw away. Within a month, of course, these plastic bottles will accumulate. In fact, it takes 450 years for plastic bottles to decompose.

Installing water filtration in your home is the most appropriate way. In this way, you no longer have to buy mineral water in plastic bottles. You can drink mineral water at your house. Also, you can fill a drinking bottle with mineral water at your house first before you travel. This is the best way to reduce plastic waste on the earth.

Drinking-Water Will Taste Much Better

Often the water we drink will smell and taste bad. This is because drinking water contains bacteria, lead, and chlorine. However, you will not feel this if you install water filtration in your home. The water you drink will taste better.

No Longer Requires The Use of Large Amounts of Soap

Besides making you no longer need to buy bottled mineral water, installing water filtration can also help save soap. As it is known that water is not only used to fill the fluids in our body (for drinking) but also used for washing, bathing, and other activities.

Because water filtration works like a water softener, you do not need a lot of soap.

This certainty can be used for those of you who have a restaurant. During this pandemic, it is mandatory for restaurants to provide a place to wash their hands in front of the restaurant. Vestibule for a restaurant is the right place. By providing a little soap, of course, this is very helpful for restaurants in saving their expenses.


Because water cleanliness is something that must be considered, automatically installing water filtration is a must. Apec Roes 50 installation guide will help those of you who want to install water filtration in your home or restaurant.