Natural Ways to Get Rid of Molds


We all think that nothing is going on in the dark areas of houses. So we are all comfortable that nothing wrong might happen here. But in darkness grows the root of all evil. And that is what molds are. They overgrow in places where the sun does not reach them.

Furthermore, molds don’t just impose an unaesthetic ambiance, but it poses a significant risk in your health, especially if you have kids at home. The sees molds as a nightmare for homeowners. Who would love the black and green moss growing at any part of your house? Plus, it does not smell good either.

In this section, let us deal with evil in an instant. Let us all do it with ease and act on it fast!

Natural Home Treatments for Mold

Since mold quickly grows, let us kill it with easy-to-make solutions.

Peroxide on the Side

We all know that hydrogen peroxide is medicine for cleansing wounds. And also an antifungal and antibacterial component. Given that, it will be a great solution to deter the molds.

But before you apply this to any surface, test it first. It is because it somehow discolors the area like how Clorox works. If it does not discolor after the test, then you can apply it to the molds. Let it untouched for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, scrub it with just the proper force to remove the mildew. Just wipe it dry after.

Remove it using vinegar.

White vinegar is famous for having an acidic component that kills almost all germs and bacterias present on Earth. The great thing about it is that you can use it without testing, just like peroxide. In addition, it does not discolor the surfaces at all.

All you have to do is put it in a spray bottle. Spray it to the area with molds. You can add a fabric conditioner to the solution to the vinegar to eliminate that vinegar odor. Yes, we know not everyone loves the aroma of vinegar. We don’t suggest adding water as it lessens the effectiveness of the vinegar.

Baking soda always does the trick.

Baking soda has been used widely for cleansing purposes, from removing foul odors in refrigerators to removing moisture from any surface. However, it does not clean; it also keeps those bacterias and germs gone for good.

Now here is the trick that you need to do. Add a tablespoon to a spray bottle with water. Shake well and spray to surfaces with molds. Let it untouched for a couple of minutes, then scrub well. Wash with water until the baking soda residue is all out.

Now for heavy black molds, combine baking soda, water, and vinegar all in one part. Mix until you create a paste-like texture. Apply it in the molds and let it dry. Once dry, scrape it, and you are good to go.

Essential Oil is the Key

The best essential oil to use is tea tree oil. It works as a deodorizer and antiseptic. What you have to do is mix one teaspoon of tea tree oil with one cup of water. Spray it in the area with molds, then let it sit for an hour. After that, wipe it with a dry towel. Ensure that you wear protective things such as gloves to avoid contact with your skin. It is because some have reported that they get skin irritation after getting in touch with essential oils.

Use lemon to remove molds.

As usual, lemons are used in cleaning kitchen sinks or any surfaces in your home. Just like vinegar, it has acidic components that kill germs and bacterias and even molds. Here, what you have to do is squeeze at least three to five regular-sized lemons.

Spray it directly to the area with molds. In addition, make sure not to add anything or water. Pure lemon is the key to kill these molds immediately. After that, you can let it sit for a while and then wipe it with a cloth. You can repeat this for rigid molds.


A clean house is what makes it a home. That pleasing aroma coming from it makes it relaxing day by day. But if molds threaten you, life can be a tough one to get by every day, especially if you have kids. It might risk their respiratory health and so as you.

We hope that the remedies that we have gathered will be of great help to you. So, if you have your home remedies, share them with us to create a mold-free community.