10 Unexpected Benefits Of Spring Cleaning For Your Health


Home cleaning lafayette IN this season is more than just cleaning your home.

It’s a proven way to relieve stress.

More clutter means more stress. So it’s no surprise that housework can reduce stress and anxiety by 20 percent, according to the latest findings from scientists. However, you need maximum activity to get these effects. Using lemon-scented detergents will help you relieve stress faster; Research shows that this happy scent reduces stress and leaves a positive experience for those around you. Here’s how to cleanse your home with real lemons instead of citrus chemicals.

If you’re prone to allergies or asthma attacks during the spring season, don’t assume pollen is the only culprit. Pet dust and dander are powerful triggers of asthma, especially in children, says Jennifer McDonnell, M.D., Rush University Medical

Improving mood

Cleaning your home thoroughly and then maintaining it is a positive mood that you will definitely want to acquire. In a study from the Personality and Social Psychology newsletter, women who described their homes as stressful, in particular, talked about clutter and unfinished projects. They were more likely to have an increasingly depressed mood throughout the day. This, in turn, led to more fatigue after work. On the other hand, women who described their homes as relaxing (and less cluttered) became less depressed as the day went on. Watch out for these signs you get in a messy home.

It will make you more active and resilient.

Researchers at Indiana University made a surprising discovery about the relationship between physical activity and cleanliness: the cleaner the homes of the participants, the more exercise they did. Merely burning calories while cleaning is one explanation for the find, but this relationship may involve self-regulation, the ability to act in a way that guides you towards your goals. If people were motivated to take control of how clean their homes were, they could use this engine in their lives, for example, to improve your fitness. For your next workout, try cleaning your sofa or carpet.

It can make you more productive at work.

Cleaning your office in the spring is just as important as cleaning your home, especially if the papers and folders cluttering your desk get in the way of your work. A whopping 77 percent of working Americans surveyed by OfficeMax agreed that clutter hurts their productivity at work. Adding a Clear Table as a calendar appointment can help hold you accountable, but why not start now? Get rid of these items that you should never have on your desk at work, don’t leave cleaning up for later, do it now ..

This will help you sleep well.

Can’t sleep? Don’t try to get some sleeping pills and try to clean up your bedroom. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who make their beds daily are 19 percent more likely if they sleep well all the time. The organization’s survey also found that 75 percent of respondents slept better on clean sheets because they felt more comfortable. Who knew there were such additional perks in laundry?

Influences healthy eating

While we talk about other spring cleansing methods for our lives, let’s talk about our diets. The idea of ​​”clean food” has been circulating for a long time, but did you know that a clean house can help you eat cleaner, or at least healthier? Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people placed in a clean, orderly room were more likely to choose healthier snacks than those in a messy room. Check it out for yourself and you will have unexpected health benefits.

Prevents injury

Keeping your kids cleaning their toys every day will prevent trespassing on Lego, but young families aren’t the only ones who can avoid injury in a clean home. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four adults aged 65 and over falls annually, accounting for 2.8 million RP visits. The organization recommends that walkways be kept clear to avoid falls, so help older loved ones clean up old newspapers and other hazardous situations that might trip over objects on the floor. Here are 11 more places you should never miss when spring cleaning.

This can prevent illness.

Spring cleaning gives you an excuse to clean up those stains that you usually miss with your daily or weekly cleaning. For example, small kitchen appliances may be filled with old crumbs and oil splashes, and washing machines may contain mold and bacteria from dirty laundry. Washing away food debris or using vinegar and baking soda in a hot wash cycle can get rid of germs lurking inside.

Improves heart health

Even low-intensity exercise like housework has been beneficial for the heart, so you may feel better when picking up the vacuum cleaner.

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