Lawn Care Tips and Maintenance in Yukon


Nothing beats green, fresh, and well-manicured lawns, and this is something that many property owners strive to maintain. The sensation of stepping into freshly-mown grass without the footwear can be refreshing. You’ll realize that you love your property more than ever.

You may also think that everything was worth it and that the proper maintenance will pay you more when you decide to sell your house in Yukon with a well-maintained lawn.

Other people think that they have the right soil in their yard and have already planted the right grasses. However, maintenance can be another story as there are many things that you should do to keep the grasses mean and green.

Major Components on Maintenance

  • Water
  • Mowing
  • Fertilizer
  • Weed Removal
  • Fight Pests
  • Dethatching Methods

Watering is a simple feat. The general rule of thumb is to be generous with water, especially if you see that the soil needs it. You can always consult with the experts in Yukon like C Green Lawns – Lawn Care Yukon for more information about maintenance and tips on keeping your grasses healthy. Water enough to soak about 20 cm of soil to encourage the roots.

Water when you see that the color is starting to change into bluish-grey or when you notice that everything is starting to dry out. The best time for watering is early morning so that your yard will be cooler as the day progresses.

Mowing well will reduce the turf’s workload on the roots. If there are longer strands above-ground, more nutrients and water are needed, and these are supplied by the sources under the soil. The shorter the culm, the easier they will get the nutrients that they need. The process of mowing will also encourage the plants to expand.

When the older leaves are cut down, it will encourage the growth of the new ones for more sunlight absorption. This will result in a heavier and thicker lawn that is more resistant to diseases.

Fertilizing will add the nutrients to the soil that are necessary for the leaves to grow more. If you regularly mow, your plants will need more nutrients to feed themselves. The most effective way of fertilizing is to spread out the granular varieties twice a year in your yard. You can know more about fertilizing your lawn on this site here.

The result will be unlike that of the water-soluble sprays that don’t reach the soil structure. The granular ones will go deeper into the structure and make the grasses more durable to drought.

Weed removal is done by spraying chemical herbicides directly on them. You can choose the pre-emergent varieties of herbicides that will kill the weeds that are about to sprout off; the post-emergent ones are known to kill fully-grown dandelions. You may want to isolate the weeds and refrain from applying pesticides to the entire lawn.

Pest control is something similar to weed removal. If you have a thriving and healthy lawn, you wouldn’t want to worry about bugs since they won’t damage the plants. However, there are times when the bugs can really destroy some of the grasses. If this is the case, then it may be the right time to treat the infestation by spraying insecticide that kills bacteria like Bacillus thuringiensis. Also, spiders and ants can be beneficial since they prey on most pests, so you may want to avoid eliminating them.

Dethatching is removing the materials that mostly collect at the base of the plants. Many people believe that thatch is the collection of grass clippings that were not removed, but this is not the case. The clippings can disintegrate in the space of seven days. The thatch, on the other hand, is made up of crowns and culms that withered naturally. Know more about lawn thatch in this.

Small amounts of thatch are fine since they help conserve water by not making it evaporate. However, a heavy build-up means that the water and air will not reach the soil. If there’s a lot of thatch covering the ground, you can always rent equipment for quicker removal or rake everything up.

A Final Word

These are just some of the things that you need to do to keep your grass lawn healthy. If this is your first time doing maintenance, you can always receive help from Yukon’s experts and get other tips that can help you out.