When It All Goes Wrong At Home


Do you feel like when everything is going right in life, something always comes along and throws everything up in the air, don’t worry we feel like it too. Things can go wrong in the home, especially this year where we have been at home a lot more than usual and using items in the home which we wouldn’t usually use as often such as the bathroom, TV and more. Being a homeowner can be stressful from cleaning to bills but it is also a blessing and it is so important to look after it. A home gives you freedom, allows you to raise a family and even make money when it comes to selling it. So, when it does all go wrong there is no need to panic all you need to do is follow these steps and see if it goes away.


This is just one home disaster that we want to talk about. When things start to go wrong, you can bet that it’s something to do with the heating, electrics or plumbing. The plumbing is the last thing that you to start messing up because if you get a leak or blockage, it could go seriously wrong. A blockage might not seem so bad, but if it spills over, you’re going to have a deal with. It can be quite daunting but bring in the professionals and they will be able to help.

Blocked Drains

They say time is a healer, but when it comes to blocked drains, time will only make the problem worse and the drain may suffer serious damage or even begin to overflow as a result. So, it makes sense to act quickly and take the necessary steps to fix the problem before it gets any worse.

The signs to look out for are:

  • Unpleasant Smells
  • Water Drains Away Slowly
  • A Gurgling Sound

It likely goes without saying that a sewer backup is a big mess. In addition to water damage to your home and personal possessions, sewage backup can also create health risks for you, your family, and you pets, as sewage contaminants are filled with bacteria, viruses and toxic substances. Preventing a sewer back up is always better than dealing with the aftermath. To do so requires a better understanding of sewer backups beyond flooding.

Electrical System

Some people say that the electrical system to work forever, but as a house ages problems can pop up. Sometimes problems care caused by homeowners who do their own work; sometimes rodents chew through wiring that may have overheated.

Faulty Boiler

The dangerous black and green stuff which grows on your wall is prevalent in winter due to the climate. Outside, the weather is icy yet the inside of your home is toasty warm. Homeowners like traps as much warmth as possible to prevent the feeling of cold in the winter. Because of the mix of cold and warm air, condensation grows and the bacteria thrive. Once it sets in, the only option is mould removal. To eliminate it completely, you need a professional.

Sarah Wirth

Sarah works as a marketing expert at Trent Drains in Bristol, who offer emergency unblocking services in Bristol.