How to Ensure Your Eavestroughs Are Positioned Correctly

Water Draining From Gutter

Eavestroughs are great little inventions that are used in nearly every sort of residential and commercial property. Also called gutters by most people, these lightweight additions to roofs are essential for catching rain runoff. When rain hits the roof, it ends up coming down in sheets, and what you end up with if you don’t have gutters to collect and divert the flow is a lot of erosion that takes place. Having gutters on your home is just the standard, and it’s especially important for insurance purposes and getting the home appraised.

If you need to hang gutters on your home, the best way to go about this is to hire a quality roofing company, like City Roofing & Exteriors. That’s just the best way to get the job done. Though if you’re more of the DIY type, you may be wondering how to position these eavestroughs correctly on the home. Here are a couple of ways that you can learn about hanging gutters.

Gutter and downspout near the roof of a house.

The Best Ways to Position Your Eavestroughs

Watch How the Pros Do It

If you insist on positioning your gutters and hanging them yourself, then you should at least watch how the pros do the job. You can go to YouTube, Vimeo or a lot of professional blogs and websites to watch as the pros hang their gutters. The thing here on which you should focus is finding a video type that coincides with what you have to do. For instance, if you have a steep roof pitch and slim guttering, you wouldn’t want to get a tutorial about a flat roof and wide guttering. Match up the instructions with what you have going on.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you specific Xs and Os here as it relates to exact eavestroughs positioning. They all need to be flush and level, and they all need to hang at the ends of the roof to catch the rain. Though your individual roof and your gutters are going to be specific to you, so there is no one size fits all information here.

Work Slowly and Carefully

If you’re not a professional, then the idea here should be to go very slowly and to take your time with this. Safety is definitely going to be your top priority here. If you’re using a ladder, you need to make sure that it’s perfectly level and that it’s not wobbling. You’re going to be working above your head here, so you will want to take your time and make sure that you’re well balanced and that you can actually handle the work ahead of you.

You’re likely going to need to call in some help. You will have to hang these gutters and make sure they’re level, flush, and also positioned correctly so that they collect the rain runoff from the roof. Different sizes of gutters and roofs with different pitches are going to have to be positioned differently. You will have to learn this information that’s specific to what you’re doing and take your time in the process to ensure that things go smoothly.

Let the Pros Handle It

The best way to ensure that your gutters are positioned correctly is to just hire a professional roofing company to do it. So many people out there today want to take this on as a DIY job and believe that they can get it done properly without experience because they believe roofers just charge too much for the work. This is not the case with gutters, however. They’re relatively inexpensive, and the labour costs aren’t typically very high because the job is completed very quickly.

You have to remember here that you’re not hiring a roofer to put on an entirely new roof or even to work on existing damage to replace with new materials. With eavestroughs, all they’re doing is measuring and hanging your guttering system so that it properly collects your rain runoff. This isn’t going to be a very complex job for a professional roofer, and thus it isn’t going to cost a whole lot or take a long time.

If you’re ever in doubt about how to properly position your eavestroughs, then the fact of the matter is that you should have the professionals handling this job for you. Just know that you will be able to find a quality local roofing company out there to do a great job for a fair price.