Eco-Friendly Roofing Advice from a Commercial Roofing Company


The housing and construction sector are one that has many capabilities and opportunities for creating new and improved items and materials that go onto houses, both on the inside and the outside, and one such item that has been through many new and improved solutions is roofing.

Roofs are a versatile entity that every house is incomplete without, and as such there are more than billions of properties both residential and commercial, that have roofs of a different nature and that keep people protected from the various environmental elements.

Speaking of the environment, the idea of energy efficiency has caught on in recent years and has become quite the trend in many countries. Not just with the materials, we use on top of our homes but also the ones we use inside our homes.

This article will shine the light on materials used for roofing, that can be both eco-friendly and affordable, so the next time you’re in the market to replace your covering or building a house and in need of some advice about which one to choose, we hope this information will help.

Wood Shingles

One of the best materials you could use on any building is one nature has provided us – wood. It provides one of the most classic and rustic looking structures and has always been the most durable material of all. Those made for roofs even come in different colors, patterns, and textures to match any exterior.

Where the eco-friendliness comes in, is with their ability to be recycled into other wood products that can be used in and around the house for things such as firewood during winter seasons, or building an outdoor garden bench or tables, and countless other things that you can make for yourself or a friend.

Nothing goes to waste with wooden roofing on properties. Did you know wood absorbs carbon dioxide from pollution? Here is some more information on why this material is the best one for homes, and your mental energy.

Metal Roofing

If your surprised, don’t be, because the metal is also an eco-friendly material, and can also be recycled and reused. Roofers often use both new and recycled sheets on houses and other buildings, so nothing goes to waste. In hot countries especially, it helps keep homes cooler, which also has a positive effect on electricity bills, and cuts time and costs on HVAC use.

They are available in a variety of steels and alloys and have a long life-span too. Choices include copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, and tin. This option, however, may not be as cheap as wood for instance. There is also the noise factor of metal roofs, where they can be noisy during rain and hails storms, plus it can get damaged or dented.

If your fine with the color of the tiles changing over time, this is something that may happen due to the various weather changes affecting its look and visual consistency. Overall, they are more popular in industrial settings rather than domestic ones.

Cool or Gravel Roofs

Another eco-friendly option is this combination of gravel and glue, which also helps as a sun reflector. Also, an energy-efficient solution on houses that are looking for a solution in the summer times when it gets too hot inside, this helps cool them down, resulting in less use of electricity and air conditioners.

It is advisable not to install them in countries that have high humidity, it can affect the appearance of the tiles and discolor them or create a type of mold on them. They are however very popular in a residential area because they are strong, and some places give rebates for them which enables you to earn back your initial cost.

Clay Tiles

Many homes utilize this solution for an eco-friendly material for their coverings. This is because they come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to fit any style of home from the traditional to the modern and extravagant. They are energy-efficient and allow air circulation between the structure.

These are also a popular choice amongst roofers in Annapolis, MD because they are mostly low maintenance and can be easily replaced in the event they break or get damaged. The many Mediterranean and Spanish architecture houses use this style to enhance their aesthetics and the red clay tiles look superb on any white-walled property.

Solar Roofing

Solar has become a very popular choice amongst many businesses and residential properties and is picking up its pace in many countries too. As a newer option for an eco-friendly solution solar panels are key to absorbing the sunlight and providing any home with a cheaper solution for heating and less electricity use with it. Thereby cutting costs and helping to reduce your bills.

If you have a decent enough budget and can afford to get this option on your property, it will last you a lifetime and the money you spend on it, can be saved via your bills, it’s a win-win for everyone. These are more expensive to install compared to the other options above, and one needs to consider that they will work best in hot countries that have more than 6 hours of sun a day, for them to be of best use.

There you have it! 5 of the best environmentally friendly solutions to change your lifestyle to an eco-friendlier and more cost-effective one.