Transform Your Bathroom into an Oasis with Smart Home Devices

Designed freestanding bath in gray modern bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t often a priority when renovating a home, as long as it’s functional. While it may not be the most-used room, it’s an important aspect of any house. It’s where we start our days, end the evenings before sleeping, and go to unwind. To enhance your bathroom experience, you can replicate a spa and turn it into a relaxing haven by installing smart technology.

Here are five smart home devices that will bring a touch of luxury to this room, and improve on practicality and hygiene.

1) Smart Lighting

Lighting has the power to enrich or ruin a room’s ambience, so it should be a top consideration for creating an inviting atmosphere. Layered lighting allows you to adjust the light to suit the desired mood and purpose. Warm lighting will help create a cosy vibe for when you’re relaxing in the bathtub.

For ultimate convenience, install smart lighting which you can control from your phone, so you don’t have to move from your bath when you need to adjust the brightness. When connected to an Alexa speaker, you can also manage the lighting through voice command.

You could even incorporate chromotherapy, which is a form of colour light therapy often used in saunas. This lavish lighting changes colour underwater in the bath and can have meditative benefits.

2) Smart Toilet

Instead of ruining your elegant bathroom interior design with an outdated toilet, intelligent  models have a sleek design and are compact, which saves space.

As well as this, smart toilets are self-cleaning and flush automatically to minimise physical contact for hygiene purposes. The sensory systems also clean you after use with water jets to remove the need for toilet paper.

Some smart toilets offer heated seats, so you can avoid the shock of a cold toilet seat, and have nightlights too, so you don’t have to turn on the overhead lighting when you’re half-asleep.

If you don’t want to replace your current toilet, Washloo, the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand, offer attachable smart toilet seats that you can fit onto your existing fixture.

3) Smart heating

Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly around the room and keeps your feet warm throughout winter, so you never have to start your day by walking across a cold, hard floor.

Installing smart heating controls will advance this system, as they can learn your routine and automatically respond to weather changes. You can also manage smart thermostats remotely, in case your schedule changes unexpectedly.

4) Smart TV

Smart TVs have become a common feature among many modern households, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Although having a TV in the bathroom might seem dangerous, there are now many waterproof models available, making it completely safe.

If you would rather watch the latest binge-worthy series during your bubble bath than read a book, this is a worthy investment. Alternatively, some smart mirrors can also act as TVs.

5) Smart Speakers

Whether you want to listen to a calming playlist, your favourite podcast, or an enticing audiobook in the bathroom, having smart speakers will make this much easier. You can control the speakers through voice command or from an app, get quick recommendations, and ask questions. You could even get speakers built-in to your showerhead if you struggle to hear over the running water.

Smart home devices will upgrade your bathroom by enhancing convenience, comfort, and the aesthetic so you can indulge in some self-care from the comfort of your own home.