7 Stages of Building Homes in the Design-Build Process


Tejjy inc one of the renowned Commercial Architectural firms based in USA is well known for its design built, home remodeling, home renovation, bathroom remodeling services. The design-build services are one of the modern methods of construction which is being used these days by the Design-build firms for a hassle-free construction process.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build construction is the consolidated service provided under the multiple disciplines of design, engineering, and construction services. Tejjy Inc the Design-Build firm in USA formulates a team that comprises contractors, architectural designers who work for a single design and are under contract to achieve the common goal. Design and Build services have replaced the traditional method of Commercial Building design in which separate contracts were being made for Home Building Design services.

In the design-build construction delivery method, teamwork plays a vital role in which their main focus is on communication, collaboration, and solving problems together rather than pointing fingers and blaming each other for the construction process being spoiled.

Home Modeling vs Home Renovation

Home Remodeling and Home renovations are one or the same thing For a  layman But when it comes to Residential design-build firms they both differ from each other. For example, kitchen remodeling refers to creating something new in the kitchen like extra room for storing groceries, etc and kitchen renovation on the other hand refers to restoring something in the kitchen in the previous like changing the old kitchen into a modular kitchen.

Stages of Design Built

At Tejjy Inc for Drawing and Design of residential and commercial buildings, we follow the Design-build construction tactic i.e 3d building design the latest in the industry. There are seven typical stages of home-building design, which are professionally known as “phases’’ by the Residential Architecture Firm.

The seven phases of the Design and Build while constructing a home Building design are as follows:

1. Team Selection

The first step of the design-build process is selecting and establishing the team. This is being done by synchronizing the owner’s vision, needs, budget with the designer or the architect’s experience and skills.

While selecting the team for building design and Construction some owners consider cost as the factor and thus choose the one with the lowest price while some select the team on the basis of experience and skills of the team which the design-builder offers. The design-builder team selected usually does the amount of research and analysis of the building site hence overlapping the pre-construction phase.

2. Pre-construction

It is one of the shortest phases but is one of the vital steps in the whole process. In this phase owner’s business goals, challenges, budgets and overall vision for the project are being discussed. The team can ask as many questions as necessary to get a clear picture of what the owner expects as delivery. During this stage, the architects, engineers, contractors, and other consultants work together to assess current structures, electrical systems, and more, in order to determine what needs to be done before construction can begin. These assessments help in a complete analysis of the construction site, which helps the design-build team to maximize efficiency throughout the project. During this phase, the design-build team helps facilitate maximum efficiency of the project.

3. Architectural Design & Functionality Stage

In this stage, the project timeline, its budget, and architectural design are being discussed. During the pre-construction planning stage, only the design is being discussed among the team members who work together t develop the best project design to balance efficiency and budget in the project.

In this phase the team estimate and determine the productivity and cost savings so that the project cost can be optimized and desired style of the project can be achieved. At this phase, the overall scope of the project is discussed with the owner which includes the plan drawing, Cost estimate, 3D BIM Model, and the overall project schedule.

After the overall discussion of the project between the team and the owner construction project gets starts followed by an agreement between the design-build. The constructed project may follow the traditional construction process or the automated construction process as per the client’s budget and needs.

4. Construction Stage

Sometimes the initial construction starts at the design stage itself, and sometimes it gets starts after the designing stage. The project owner and the construction team streamline communication and accountability between the team as every member work together to achieve the common goal. Any problem or query if arises is being resolved quickly as everyone in the team needs to complete the work before the deadline.  The design-build construction services provide value to the project by reducing unnecessary costs with no changes in the future.

This all is possible by assembling the right team at the first stage itself as the right team leads to a smooth construction process and fulfilling the owner’s needs.

5. Post-Construction Stage

Once the project is being completed the design Build team provides a complete overview of the project which includes project realization, operation and maintenance, and documents. Any concern of the project owner is being addressed at this stage finalization of the project is being established.

6. Home designing

After the building is being constructed by the design-build team the next stage that comes up is home designing. The home designing comprises of the interior and exterior design, gardening, bathroom remodeling, and various other home improvement tactics that make the Constructed house more beautiful. Home designing is a must after the post-construction Stage as it gives people a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment to live in.


This is the last stage in the whole design Built process. Once the home is being constructed people don’t go for changing it immediately. But as it is the character of human being people wants something new every time and thus renovation is being required. This renovation process can be related to the construction of new rooms. Bathrooms, changing kitchen, balcony, or anything else. This renovation process doesn’t take just after the construction process but is being done as per the new trends in the market and the owners’ needs.


The standard Seven Phases starting from team selection to renovation of a typical House Building project is being discussed in the above blog. These stages are not rigid in fact vary from project to project depending upon their size and complexity. The design-build process is the new team collaboration work being adopted by the construction industry so as to avoid conflicts and smooth process between the builders, contractors, designers, and architects.