The Best Home Sale Calculator


With houses and properties going on the market for sale, the need for making calculated decisions regarding the pricing of these houses has increased. If you’re a home-owner looking to sell your house for whatever reason, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your property. To help home-sellers around the world with this pricing, a very smart tool called the home sale calculator is around.

What is a home sale calculator?

A home sale calculator is an online calculator that provides you with an optimal price for your house to ensure that you make a profit even after all expenditure on the house. This calculator takes several inputs including your desired sale price, any payments that need to be made on the property, any taxes or fees that are added to the total cost and it provides you with an output that displays your proceeds in the deal. You can change the sales price accordingly to ensure you get your desired proceeds margin, or you could decrease it to make sure you’re not overpricing it.

This calculator helps with making such decisions regarding your home-selling. It is a very important tool in determining what would be the optimal choice of the sale price in your situation. You can even use it to determine whether selling a property with repairs is worth it or not.

The home sale calculator by Sundae is our option for the best home sale calculator out there. The reason for this is that this calculator offers a simple user interface that is basic yet it contains all functions any other calculator will have. Above that, it has appointed slots for the market value of the house, cost of the repairs, real estate agent’s commission, closing and holding costs, and provides you with the proceeds you will get from your offer.

Besides working as a calculator, it also gives great real estate advice to people selling their houses on the market. It makes available the option for them to go through all the tips they have in store for home-owners, looking for different margins of profit in different situations.

You can find many home sale calculators online. However, finding the right one is a task. You have to make sure that whichever calculator you use, allows you to enter all costs and interest rates including taxes and commissions. If you do not input your payment obligations correctly, you might get a faulty profit margin that might create confusion for you in the future, while settling the deal.

Besides using a home sale calculator, you can also seek help from your real estate agent, if you have hired one. Pricing and a good deal become their problem when they’re handling your property. You can suggest that your realtor also uses a home sale calculator. And we’re betting that they do because their work is the business, not the math.

The right calculator allows for all kinds of inputs and gives a correct and precise output that can help you in sealing your deal. If you do not have a lot of payment inputs, you can use a simpler version of the calculator that requires a calculation of all payments directly from you instead of computing it by itself. You can use the simple home sale calculator to figure out your proceeds if you already have your payment obligations figured out. However, it is always easier to just let the calculator do all the work as it takes away any doubts about the inaccuracy of results. Make sure to try this home sale calculator to get a helping hand in sealing your deal.