Pro Tips: How to Organize Cross Country Household Move


No move is a simple experience. Not even when you’re just carrying your stuff to an apartment next to your current one. Cross country moving is way more complicated than that, and it takes at least a month of preparation. You’ve probably heard that organizing is the key to a successful cross country move, but what does that mean? How can you organize your relocation and have a smooth experience? Here are some pro tips on the topic.

Don’t Procrastinate With Your Tasks

The best possible thing that you can do when relocating is to start on time. And what does “on time” mean? How much time is enough for your move? That depends on your specific case, but remember that it’s never too early. If you have a big house and a lot of belongings, you can start as soon as you’re sure that you’re moving. In other cases, 6 to 8 weeks is enough to finish everything and not feel any pressure from the tight timeline.

Sort Out What You Have to Do With the Help of a Moving Binder

A fantastic way to stay organized during a cross country moving process is to have a great moving binder that you can take with you all the time. It can be a physical notebook or an online document – what’s important is that you have all the tasks in one place. Sort what you have to do chronologically and keep up with your tasks. That way, you’ll never be late, and you won’t forget anything. It will be like taking your personal assistant with you.

It’s Much Easier to Organize When You Have Fewer Things to Worry About

So – declutter. Go through your home, check every room and every closet, purge your garage, attic, and basement. Be very strict when deciding what you need and what doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. If you’re a hoarder, keep in mind that the move will be much more expensive if you’re taking a lot of things with you. It’s also a waste of money to pack all of that, and a waste of time to transport it if you’re not going to use it in your new home, just like you didn’t use it in this one. Once you separate the unnecessary things, you can sell them, donate, or simply throw them away.

Make an Inventory List and Stay in Control

Have you decided what won’t be on your new apartment checklist? Now it’s time to see what will. Making an inventory list is essential for a good organization. You’ll know what you’re moving, and you won’t miss or forget a single item. This will also be helpful for estimating how much your move can cost. Don’t forget about unpacking – with a thorough inventory list, you can keep track of your belongings. You’ll know what is in which box, and it will be much easier to be in control of your move.

Decide Whether You’ll Be Using Professional Services or You Want to Move by Yourself

This is optional, but it’s essential for the organization. If you decide to move by yourself, you will need much more time and planning to do everything right. You will have to find a truck to rent, someone to help you pack, good moving insurance, high-quality packing supplies, someone to help you carry heavy things, etc. It’s a lot of hassle. Many people choose to hire a professional company because of that particular reason. The difference in price is the main factor, but when you compare what you can get for a certain price and what you have to do by yourself, it might be worth it. You will have someone that does everything for you – your only job will be to kick your feet up and relax.

Make a Budget and Enjoy an Organized Move

Another incredibly important part – without a good organization of your money, nothing will be possible. Now that you know how many things you’re taking with you and what kind of services you need, you’ll be able to make a thorough plan. Start saving and make sure you have more than enough for any unexpected circumstances that can happen and ruin your plans. Leave just enough for quality packing supplies since they’re essential for a safe relocation.