The Best Indoor Plant Picks to Decorate an Interior Home Space


Adding a green feel to a home’s interior is a skill that is appreciated by many people especially urban dwellers. We should be able to appreciate nature and make them part of our daily lifestyle since they have several benefits to us and our atmosphere. Nature provides us with a greenery feel that makes us reminisce our past experiences being in places with foliage. Indoor plants greatly alter the appearance of a home and contribute to making it a more conducive environment hence the need to embrace interior living decorations. To spruce up your home with these indoor plant picks you should understand how to provide the plants with their requirements. Below are some of the plant picks you can select to suit your home décor.

1. Snake Plant

This plant is best for buildings with high ceilings since it can grow to very high levels depending on its variety. They can be placed in a mud pot or metal planter with an artistic touch to make it more appealing in a living room space. Pebbles can also be added and some stones above the soil layer of the pot to give the interior space an outdoorsy feel. Snake Plants require moderate watering and bright light to strive.

2. Golden Pothos

This is a climbing plant and it normally a stunning vine in any space. The plant can be placed on a high level and allowed to spread as it grows down naturally. It has a free-falling characteristic, trailing, and requires limited space to grow. The requirements for this type of plant to flourish include moderate watering and lighting. The vines may also need to be untangled as the plant continues to grow.

3. Spider Plant

This plant grows in a bundle and appears shorter since they are less sturdy. It can be placed in a mid-sized pot. This type of plant is known for being a long-leaved air cleanser in addition to being a decorative plant. It is most suitable for spacious rooms especially the living room spaces. They need bright light and adequate amounts of water to thrive and normally produce other baby spider plants as they grow.

4. Dwarf Banana

This plant is more likely to grow healthy when placed near a window with lots of light. It has broad leaves that make the space in the room seem bigger due to its radiating properties. They also need frequent fertilization and the moisture in the soil medium has to be uniformly distributed to ensure the plant grows healthy. For the dwarf banana to last for long, they should be turned periodically.

5. Peace Lily

These plants are a type of elegant flower that gives the room a clean and smooth finished appearance. They make the room more appealing and cleanse the air within the space. They require low light and moist soil conditions to thrive.

6. Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant has spikes and therefore should be placed in hidden positions to avoid poking people while passing near them. They purify the air and create an environment of harmony and positivity. They need a lot of sunlight and wide pots that allow quick drying out of the soil after watering to grow well.

8. Money Plants

Many people currently place this plant on their desks and tables and take care of them. Money plants such as English Ivy have become common in indoor spaces. Vines and creepers are placed in spaces with poles and pillars on which they can climb on. Other plants such as flowery pots daisies, ferns, and palms are suitable on windowsills.


Indoor plants are the best home companions. They are known for several benefits of air purification and stress relief being among them. Deciding on the type of indoor plant to select may require a little bit of knowledge and advice from experts. This is because we cannot choose plants for indoor spaces according to what we like best. The plants have varying specific requirements that have to be taken care of on an individual basis for them to grow and flourish well.