Pros And Cons Of Wooden Pallets


Pallets can be used for different types of projects. But they are mostly used in the supply chain i.e shipping sectors to hold different kinds of products.  They allow easy handling which affords effective loading and offloading goods with the use of forklifts.

Using the right pallets is one of the surest ways to ensure that your products reach their destination safely and in a good state.

Choosing the right pallets for your type of products will ensure that your business runs smoothly as there will be no fear or constraint on weights, size, or specifications.

In this post, we will be looking at the pro and cons of wooden pallets. Also, check here for a reliable wooden pallet company.


  • Wooden pallets are cheap and affordable because there is abundant availability of raw materials for their productions which is also seamlessly easy.
  • Wooden pallets involve simple construction. The production or repair work for wooden pallets doesn’t warrant the possession of advanced machines or complicated tools. All you need are just simple carpenter tools.
  • Also, adjusting wooden pallets doesn’t involve a high cost as the process can be duly carried out with simple carpentry tools.
  • Wooden pallets are believed to be durable than other types of pallets and can hold heavy and larger stuff.
  • They are very easy to dispose of. While other types of pallets may need recycling or some methods of disposition, wooden pallets don’t need one. Woods from a broken pallet can be reused in many different ways such as for paper production and can also be turned to make good firewood.
  • Also, it can easily be resold as the low price it enjoys and its ability to be reused over and over again make it most sought after.
  • The availability of wooden pallets makes it much sought after by busy businesses who don’t want anything interfering with their modes of operation.


There is nothing without disadvantages, but how best we manipulate them will result in how we enjoy such a particular thing. Below are the cons of wooden pallets.

  • Wooden pallets can destroy your products or harm you due to splinters and protruding nails. Also, the weights of wooden pallets are another great consideration. Though it may hold large and heavy products, the efforts required to lift the same will be great.
  • Also, wooden pallets absorbed moisture from the air which increased their weight gain but lowering their ability to hold heavy objects.
  • They are susceptible to fungi and mold infestation. This means they can be easily be made inefficient by nature.
  • Wooden pallets may involve frequent repairs due to mechanical damages.
  • Wooden pallets can easily get dirty and are very much difficult to clean. The disadvantages of this are that it prevents further usage or reselling. And lastly, wood is made heavy by water.
  • Wooden pallets are susceptible to bacterial attacks and as such are not the best to transport food products as they can cause health hazards.
  • Wooden pallets need to be replaced frequently, they don’t last long in comparison to other types of pallets due to different ecological factors.
  • Wooden pallets may also increase the transportation cost of goods, as normally woods are heavy, and transporting heavy loads require more energy and fuels. Also, wooden pallets take half of a truckload requirement, this presupposes a journey of one time to be breakdown into twice or thrice.