Signs You Need to Get Your Pipes Checked


Your home’s piping system is one important part of your household because it affects the water flow in your home and the quality of water you use for drinking, bathing, and washing your clothes. It is therefore imperative for homeowners to keep pipelines in regular check for possible problems or damages to prevent a major disaster from happening.

Spotting signs of potential issues with your plumbing system should be easy for the most part. Certain indications you need to get your pipes checked are rather obvious and common that any sensible homeowner should be able to know whether it is high time to repair or replace their pipes or not.

Here are clues that would tell you about the current condition of your pipes:


Seeing water leaking from your plumbing pipe is one of the basic signs there could be something wrong with your pipes. Leaks occur when the pipes are cracked or broken. No matter how small the leak, leaky pipes should be checked and fixed as soon as possible. Water escaping from the pipes could flow into places they shouldn’t be such as walls or ceilings leaving stains or watermarks, which could eventually lead to mold growth. Such an unpleasant sight to see!


If you frequently experience having clogged drains, then you should get your pipes checked. Clogging takes place either due to corrosion or due to accumulated debris from food, soap, or any objects you are putting down the drain. Also, your pipes may be corroding as a result of old age especially in the case of galvanized steel pipes. When this happens, you definitely need to replace them. Whatever it is, be watchful for clogged toilets and drains and remember to solve the issue as early as possible.

Reduced Water Pressure

You will know if your plumbing system is still in good shape based on the water pressure you are getting at home. If you notice that the water pressure has decreased substantially, you must consider inspecting your plumbing system immediately. Broken pipes lead to water leaks, which affects your home’s water pressure. You will have low water pressure or no water at all.

Water Discoloration and Foul Smell

As a result of rusty pipes, the water that comes out of your faucets has the tendency to be discolored, which is a clear sign of contamination. You have to avoid drinking your water if you see discoloration and get your pipes checked for repair or replacement. Aside from this, you may also notice an unpleasant stench emanating from your drain. These are obvious indications of plumbing issues.

Extra humidity or damp areas in the garden

When it’s raining, of course, you may consider your downspouts on your roof. If it’s already getting old or poorly designed, it can excessively flood runoff water to your yard. However, if it’s no longer raining and you’re still constantly flooded, you may need a professional to check your underground water system which may have a leak that may be considered an emergency for the following reasons:

  1. If it’s the sewer line, it might be alarming you with unsanitary health issues.
  2. If it’s from the waterline, it will be a waste of money and water as your water bills will keep pumping in the tick of time as leaking keeps running.

These signs are sometimes ignored but homeowners must be told not to neglect them. Water leaking from broken pipes may flow into your yard or garden—the reason you have sinkholes and soft patches. Eventually, you will notice that your greens or vegetation turns lusher than usual and this is due to the sewage coming from the leaks and fertilizing the garden soil.

Be Vigilant!

Again, it is quite easy to perceive these signs of possible problems with your pipeline. As a homeowner, you must spare some time to look for these clues from time to time so you can determine early on the condition of your home’s water pipe system. Most of all, it is always best to get professional assistance from the right plumbing service company.