Unexpected Home Repairs: 4 Common Repairs That May Surprise You


Maybe you’ve had a bathroom makeover and a supposedly professional deck team came in and fitted one in the backyard. But now problems are showing up and it’s necessary to repair them before the situation worsens? If so, we’re sorry to hear that.

Know that you’re not alone though. Here are four common repairs that crop up for homeowners and may still surprise you.

Garbage Disposal Breakdown

You may have noted the garbage disposal when moving into a new-to-you home. But do you know how old it is? If the previous owners are less than communicative, then you may struggle to even find out the age. The model number printed on the device can be Google searched, but if that doesn’t bring up much information, it says a lot right there.

For serious motor issues, garage disposals are difficult to repair. Sharpening the blades is one thing but opening it up and trying to fix it is only for the hardened DIYer. The rest of us would be better off swapping out the unit for a new one and chalking it up to experience.

Deck Installation Problems

Decks are a wonderful addition to a home. They provide outdoor living space and usually plenty of it. However, trouble comes into paradise when they begin to get wobbly. Take a look at what might be the problem – it could be the ledger lacks the required flashing. Some people take shortcuts to save money and it can cause unexpected issues.

While the ledger is visible with a deck installation, the flashing below it is not. Therefore, you may not know to look for it (or even know what flashing is). It’s an important part of a deck because it prevents excess moisture from getting into the wood and rotting it. When the deck starts to partially give way, you get an unbalanced deck that wobbles because it lacks the proper support structure.

To fix the issue, you can learn how to install a ledger board on vinyl siding. This will address the problem properly and resolve it. Or get some experienced people in to fix it for you.

Sorting Out Leaking Faucets

A leaky faucet can be the result of wear and tear with the loosening of connections over the years. It could also be a long-standing problem that the previous homeowners never bothered to mention.

Most leaking faucets can be fixed by hand using a minimum of tools and a bit of care. It’s not usually something that requires calling out a handyperson to resolve.

Just don’t leave it too long because the cost of the lost H2O will add a few dollars to the water bill and who needs that?

Fixing Up the Bathroom Tiles

Dirty-looking tiles – it’s a popular problem to have. Depending on the age of the bathroom installation, they may never have been thoroughly cleaned since they went in. In which case, you’re in for some fun times to deal with the discoloration of the grout in between each tile.

While you’re at it, if the bath lines the wall, look for gaps between it and the wall. Gaps allow water to seep below the bathtub level and get trapped beneath. Using a caulking tube, create a new seal between the bathroom tiles and the bathtub to prevent further water ingress.

If you feel like you’ve maintained your home well or it was in good condition when you got it, the above common issues may shock you. But rest assured that oversights like this happen frequently. It’s just a matter of getting stuck into resolving them as best you can or getting help to do so.