How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer


Hot weather can cause your air conditioning system to work harder and consume more energy to reach your comfort level at home. Global News Canada reported that air conditioners can account for up to 50 percent of your total household energy consumption during the hot summer months.

To reduce your cooling cost without sacrificing your family’s comfort and safety at home, follow these simple yet effective AC energy-saving tips.

Check your air filters

Keeping your air filters clean and free from dirt and dust buildup will ensure the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. AC filters clean the air that circulates throughout the system by trapping harmful contaminants. When it becomes clogged, your AC will not be able to function properly. Forgetting to check and replace dirty air filters usually results in system overheating, unclean air, uncomfortable temperatures, and increased energy usage. Hiring a regular AC maintenance service will always ensure the quality status of your air conditioning components.

Run ceiling fans

If you don’t have ceiling fans at home, now is the time to invest in one. Using a ceiling fan to run along with your air conditioning system will help you reduce your cooling costs this summer. Fans allow you to set your AC thermostat higher without feeling hot. According to industry experts, this will help you save about four to eight percent on air conditioning costs. However, ceiling fans only cool people, not rooms. Thus, remember to turn off the ceiling fan when there is no one inside the room to enjoy it.

Block sunlight

During the heat of the day, make sure to block sunlight from entering your home. The Department of Energy says that 76 percent of the sunlight that falls on your windows enters to become heat. You can reduce energy loss and improve indoor comfort by using durable, heavy covers on your windows.

Seal your doors and windows

Air leakage through doors and windows puts additional load on your air conditioning system. You can prevent this from happening by resealing your doors and windows before the start of the summer season. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that homeowners can save an average of 11 percent on total energy costs by sealing air leaks around the home.

Add insulation to your home

Adding insulation is the best way to reduce heat gain in your home. It helps keep warm air out of your home during the cooling season. To reduce energy use for cooling your indoors, be sure to target critical areas in your home for insulation, such as your attic, crawlspaces, basement, and garage.

Call for a professional AC repair

If your air conditioning system has problems, it will not be able to function properly. This can sometimes result in longer cycles and greater energy consumption. To ensure your air conditioner’s efficient operation throughout the hot season, have it professionally checked and repaired by a qualified technician.

Do not delay the needed repairs of your air conditioner. Take advantage of 24 hour AC repair services available in your local area. Call your trusted HVAC company today to schedule an appointment!