Lowering Your Heating Bills – 5 Useful Tips for You


Follow these easy guidelines and successfully lower your heating bills today!

Heating bills can go out of the roof, especially during winter. You love the idea of staying indoors, grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting huddled up to keep warm.  Before you realize it, your heating bills seemingly rise, and you need to schedule the heat oil delivery sooner than usual. This is prone to happen and will occur if you have no alternative means of reducing the usage and saving up the heat. It would be best if you discovered a systematic approach to preventing heat loss.

Before we dive into the tips to prevent your heating bills from being exaggerated, here’s a pro tip from me- you need to know some common areas of heat loss in your home. Once you do, you can find a way to prevent it. Common areas in your home that will most likely contribute to heat loss include windows, doors, walls, and rooftops.

Follow these few tips to save up on heating costs today!

1. Let the sun in

During the days, you can leave curtains open to permit the sun to heat the room. Although during winter, it might seem as if the sun has gone hiding, but it’s there. You can let the sun’s rays heat things during the day. In areas where the sun is focused directly, try pruning and clearing such areas of plants /trees to allow for better access. Do not forget to close these curtains at night.

2. Dress for warmth

Add some layers to what you originally wear. The more layers you wear, the less need you feel to increase the heat in your apartment. It’s a fact that you feel warmer in more clothes than just a T-shirt. Grab a thick sweater, a pair of stockings, and cozy pants, or even curl up in a blanket if you want to stay in bed.

3. Try turning down your thermostat.

Turning down your thermostat will cause a significant decrease in your heating bills. Dropping the heat to about 10 to 12 degrees lower when you’re not home or asleep will drastically cause a reduction of about 10% on the yearly heating bill. The best time to do this is when you’re sleeping and when you’ve stepped out for work, and you’re sure no one will be home.

4. Set your ceiling fans to run in reverse

This is an old trick, and it works in pushing down warm air back to floor level. Most fans will have switches to cause this change. You should find the small switch control at the base of the ceiling fan. Clockwise rotation of the fan will pull the air upwards, and warm air will be circulated down the room. Once the fan is set in reverse, you shouldn’t be able to feel any air blowing down when you stand underneath the fan.

5. Replace dirty filters often.

Filters that trap dust in forced-air heating systems need to be changed regularly. Once these filters are left dirty, it will indeed affect the heating efficiency of your system. Replacing them at the change of seasons or monthly will help reduce heating bills by permitting the furnace to work efficiently.

Is this the end?

Nope, it’s not! There are still other methods you could inexpensively reduce your heating bills, especially during winter. One of them is the use of an electric combi boiler as compared to the gas boilers. There have been many arguments about which saves up cost more, and it’s been concluded that although gas is relatively cheaper to run, the electric boilers save up more in the long run.

Use these tips to reduce your heating bills and negotiate and shop around for better energy rates today.