Looking for A New Bed? Here Are Our Top Picks


A bed is one of the most important furniture pieces in a house. Considering you spend almost 25% of your life in bed, it’s best to get a good bed for an optimal life. We understand choosing a good bed is hard but here are some of our top picks. They are sure to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.


This is a minimalistic Italian collection revered for its looks and comfort. The collection has a platform bed with a stunning, curved headboard.

Subtle chrome accents are one of the unique aesthetic features on the bed. Walnut Canaletto veneers and the high gloss finish also express a contemporary style befitting for the collection.

The bed comes with two nightstands and sliding drawers. The nightstands have a walnut, black gloss to match the bed. Part of the collection is a dresser and tall boy fitted with plenty of storage spaces.


The Athena bedroom collection is one of the top rated options in the market. The collection combines wood and metal finishes on the headboard and bedside tables.

The furniture pieces are built with veneers from authentic wood and feature a high gloss finish. The clean lines on the surface also enhance the natural texture created by the patterned wood.

Metal groves outline the headboard and add character to the design of the bed. The complete collection matches well with most bedroom designs and creates a unique feel.


This is one of the most angelic bed designs due to the white high gloss finish. The furniture piece is sleek and features chrome accents

The Canova bed is Italian made and lives up to the name. The design has a gracious headboard that gives the bed a grand look.

The collection has accompanying pieces that include night stands, a vanity, a dresser and a chest.  It’s also available in various ranges to fit any room.


If you are looking for a fully upholstered bed, the Wynn collection is exactly what you need.

This Italian made collection features a unique, deep-buttoned upholstered headboard. The grand headboard is around 12cm thick and enhances the overall aesthetics of the bed.

There is an option for an internal storage compartment in the bed to keep away extra pillows and beddings.

The Wynn bed is a unique piece and goes well with numerous bedroom designs. It’s exactly what you need to turn your bedroom into a comfortable, relaxing space.


The heritage collection stands out from other collections due to the sleek design and finish.

It features a unique dark velvet finish that enhances its overall look.

Unlike other beds, the Heritage collection has an option for lighting decorations that give a touch of glamour to the space. The collection is a true expression of elegance.

Storage options that come with the collection include a dresser, night stands and a sliding wardrobe. All the pieces tie well together and improve the overall design of a bedroom space.

Mont Blanc

Made in Italy, Mont Blanc is a unique collection that blends seamlessly with contemporary styles. The bed is a platform bed with a dual headboard design.

The Mont Blanc accompanying pieces include drawers, dressers and bedside tables. They feature soft close doors and drawers. There are enough furniture options in the Mont Blanc collection to furnish an entire home.


If you are looking for a bed that is practical and beautiful, the Montecarlo collection will not disappoint. The bed features high gloss finishing with chrome profiles.

Other furniture pieces that come with the collection include a chest, night stands, a dressing table. The Montecarlo collection lives up to the Italian name and offers an elegant look.


When it comes to clean lines and elegant finishes, the Teodora is one of the best collections. It features a luxurious bed with a low profile base. The high gloss finish and marble look on the headboard make it an elegant piece fit for bedroom spaces.

The list of options is long but the final decision lies with you. Go have a feel of different bedroom furniture in Sydney and make an informed decision. Remember, your decision ultimately affects how your spend 25% of your life.