How Can Someone Make Sure If the Duct Cleaning was Done Properly?


Over time air ducts get clogged with dust and debris. And if you don’t clean them, these contaminants will mix with the produced air and lower the indoor air quality. As a homeowner, you must do air duct cleaning service regularly to ensure that doesn’t happen to your home. Let’s say you do hire an HVAC company for duct cleaning and mold removal. How do you know whether the cleaning was doneproperly or not?

For this, you’ll have to make sure you are hiring the right air duct cleaning company. There are several phony air duct cleaning companies in Dallas who promises to give high-quality cleaning service at extremely low cost. You must avoid such air duct cleaning companies if you want your air ducts to be cleaned properly.

How to Choose the Best Air Duct Cleaning Dallas-based Company?

1. Read Online Reviews

Online review platforms are one of the best ways to gather information about any service company. In these platforms, people write about their experiences with the service company, and as a result, you can have a clear idea of what to expect from a specific service company. However, many service companies generate fake reviews on these platforms, and because of this, users don’t get to know about the exact condition of a service company.

If you want to avoid such fake reviews, you can use Google Reviews or Yelp to know about the accurate customer experiences of different air duct cleaning companies. These review websites can easily detect fake reviews and show genuine reviews only.

2. Ask aboutthe Cleaning Process

After reading online reviews, make a shortlist of air duct cleaning companies in Dallas and ask them about their cleaning process.

Professional air duct cleaning companies usually use a mountable vacuum system that creates negative pressure in the air ducts to clean the air ducts properly. If your shortlisted air duct cleaning company is using such a technique, you’re good to go.

Also, ask about what type of biocides they are going to use in the air ducts. If the air duct cleaning company is using chemical biocides to clean the molds from the air ducts, you should look for other services. Because this type of cleaning method isn’t approved by the EPA. Besides, when companies use chemical biocides for mold cleaning, they charge extra money.

3. Check Certifications

Finally, before hiring an air duct cleaning company, you’ll have to ensure that the company has the NADCA certification. When an air duct cleaning company has the NADCA certification, it indicates that their service professionals are experienced and knows how to deal with air ducts. Besides, to maintain the NADCA certification, air duct cleaning professionals will have to clean the ducts according to the NADCA guidelines and standards, ensuring high-quality air duct cleaning service.

How to Tell If Air Duct Cleaning was Done Perfectly?

Standard Procedure of Air Duct Cleaning

During an air duct cleaning service, a cleaning professional will clean the air ducts, vents, register, fans, motors, etc. For cleaning the air ducts, professional cleaning technicians uses a mounted vacuum system, which creates a negative pressure inside the air ducts. This process allows the cleaning professional to clean the air ducts properly.

Again, if you have molds inside your air ducts, the cleaning professionals will first clean the molds and then clean other particles inside the ductwork.

It takes around four to five hours to complete the cleaning. However, this time frame entirely depends on the size of your house. If you have a larger house, the cleaning professional will require more time to clean the air ducts.

3 Signs of Good Air Duct Cleaning Service

1. Duct Interior is Free from Dust

Select a random return and supply register in your house. Now, remove the cover from the supply register and return. After that, use a torchlight and check inside. If you find any dust inside the supply register and return, air duct cleaning is incomplete, and tell your service professional to clean the air ducts again. But if you don’t find any dust inside the register, your air duct cleaning service is excellent.

2. Clean Vent Covers

During an air duct cleaning service, a professional cleaning technician will remove the vent covers and replace them with new ones. If the vent covers are dirty, it means that the service professionals haven’t cleaned the air ducts properly and require recleaning the air ducts.

3. Air Duct Cleaning Professional Will Cut a Small Hole in the Air Ducts

Usually, professional air duct cleaning technicians cut a small hole in the air ducts to clean the ductwork thoroughly. When the air duct cleaning is done, they seal the hole in the air ducts.

If the professional air duct cleaning technician didn’t cut a hole in the air ducts, there is a high possibility that your air ducts are still dirty. Again, if the holes aren’t sealed properly, treated air will leak through them and cost you extra money on utility charges.

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