Give Your House A New Look with Damp Proof Paint



Damp walls? There is nothing more frustrating than facing the problem of dampness on the walls of your house. No matter how hard you try to get rid of the dampness, you are unable to get rid of the unwanted moisture.

Damp on the walls of the exterior of the house is one of those things in life that never leaves you. It is a nightmare to have damp walls in your house.

What causes dampness?

Dampness on the walls is caused by the blistering and staining of the paint due to the excess amount of moisture. It is hard to escape the excess moisture that is caused due to the plumbing problems of the house or the rainwater.

We all love the rainy weather. It makes us want to sit by the window and admire the beauty of nature. However, with rainwater comes dampness on the walls of the exterior of your house. Moreover, steam when cooking, leakage of the roof, and plumbing problems are also causes of dampness.

Damp walls only become visible when you see damp patches or black mildew appearing on the wall. Using a damp-proof coating is the only solution to your problem.

If you see a damp wall in the basement or the exterior walls of your house, you should consider using Damp proof paint.

Damp-proof paint for the interior of your house

When you apply the damp-proof paint coating on the interior walls of your house, it seals the walls. The paint works as a preventive coating from letting the moisture trap into the wall. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the moisture building upon the walls.

Once you apply the preventive coating on the wall, it acts as a protective barrier against moisture. The interior walls of your house are able to breathe freely.

Damp-proof paint for the exterior of your house

The dampness on the exterior walls of your house is trickier to handle. If you are using ordinary paint, it might not be able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions.

The exterior walls are hit by rainwater and snow. External damp proof paints need to be more effective and durable. If you want the exterior walls to stand the test of time, you should choose a paint that comes with a damp-proof coating. Get the right paint that seals the walls to let the moisture evaporate.

Is damp proof paint the right solution?  

If you have wallpaper on the wall and it is peeling off, it is an indicative sign that there is dampness on the wall. This shows that there is some kind of wetness prevailing on the walls and creating the issue of dampness.

Dampness is often a problem of an overflowing gutter, a badly insulted basement, or a broken roof tile. It is imperative for you to pay attention to the main issue of dampness if you see the plaster crumbling.

You are unable to deal with the dampness issue beforehand because it destroys the walls and causes a damp patch first. Only then you can notice that there is something wrong in your house that is causing the dampness on the wall.

Worried about the damp, mold, or mildew? Are you facing the roof leakage solution? There is an excess amount of unwanted moisture on the walls. You don’t have to wait to let the whole wall get damp. You have to go to the action plan. The best solution to dampness is damp-proof paint.

This paint is designed with special ingredients that prevent the walls from getting damp. However, it is not a cheap quick fix to the problem of dampness. You have to deal with the issue that is causing the trouble.

Damp-proof paint can be applied to the wall with the leaky roof after solving the dampness problem. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that damp paint is the best solution for damp walls. However, it is not the solution to the structural problems of your house. It acts as a protective layer that prevents the wall from getting damp.


If you see a crack on the wall of your house, you have to do something about it. The crack affects the water absorbency of the wall and it could end up getting damp. The damp patches on the exterior walls of your house could spread to the internal walls as well.

No matter what kind of damp problem you are facing, damp-proof paint is the solution to it. It is most effective when it is used after the damp-proof treatment. If you don’t deal with the problem that is causing the dampness before applying the paint, you might see the damp patches within a few days.