How To Diagnose a Blocked Drain


What’s the big deal about a blocked drain?

Well, it can be stinky, unpleasant, and cause major problems if not taken care of quickly. Imagine what would happen to your bathroom floor if the sink — or worse, the toilet — overflowed while you were away on vacation.

You would have a waterlogged, dangerously unhygienic mess on your hands. Thus, it’s important to know how to diagnose a blocked drain. Let’s look at 4 signs here.

1. A Slow Drain

When you turn the water on in a sink, tub, or shower with a free-flowing drain, you shouldn’t see any water pooling in the basin. The water quickly flows away and there is no issue with water backing up into the sink.

However, if the drain is partially blocked, the water may not be able to flow quickly enough past the constriction. Eventually, the water will back up into the sink and it’s a sure sign that all is not well down in the drainpipe.

2. A Stopped Drain

In the same vein, a completely blocked drain won’t allow any water to pass. Once the basin fills with backed-up water, it can’t drain and just sits there.

If this happens, you can be 100% sure something is blocking the pipe. It’s also a sign that the problem is quite serious if the water can’t even slowly drip past the blockage.

3. Smelly Drain

What goes down the drain? It’s supposed to be just water, but there are many things that end up getting washed down the drain.

In the bathroom, hair, soap scum, and mineral buildup are common bits of debris that you’ll find a drain. The kitchen drain gets nastier with small bits of food, grease, and other nastiness building up inside the drainpipe.

How do you think that stuff smells when it starts rotting?

That’s right, an unpleasant odour wafting about your kitchen or bath with no defined source might be coming from the drain.

4. Noisy Pipes

What’s that gurgling sound coming from deep down in your drainpipes? When drainpipes are partially blocked, water can pool and back up, trapping air bubbles in the pipe.

As these air bubbles work to escape, you’ll hear bubbling or gurgling noises in the pipes. It can sound a little eerie, especially when you’re home alone. But rest assured that it is just bubbles in your dirty pipes.

What to Do With Blocked Pipes

Find out how to unblock your drains at home to take care of the problem. There are quite a few methods you can try. Their effectiveness depends on the type of blockage you’re dealing with.

If nothing is working to clear your drain, don’t hesitate to call an experienced local plumber. They can help with your blockage problem and get your drains running freely once more!