House Exterior Washing: Why, When, and How?


Homeowners these days have a wide house siding variety to choose from for their house. Depending on the budget, preference, and benefits, homeowners can make their house look more aesthetic and increase curb appeal. Vinyl siding, LP SmartSide, Hardie board siding are just a few of the modern house sidings available.

When is the right time to clean my house exterior?

It is not difficult to notice that a house exterior needs cleaning. When enough time passes, all house sidings begin to indicate that it’s time to get your house a nice clean shower!

Even the long-lasting brick and stone walls become filthy and grimy. It’s not only house sidings, but doors and windows also adopt a dull look. In short, the house starts to deteriorate and appears to be much older than it is.

Moreover, delaying the process will invite more insects and birds to your house. It automatically leads to an unhealthy environment, especially for kids.

What techniques do house exterior washing service providers use?

To put your house’s exterior in tip-top shape, exterior washing service providers use power washing or soft washing, and some elbow grease. Most of the times there are no harmful chemicals needed, except for small amounts of bleach. A number of surfaces are washable and, therefore, undergo an easy process.

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Composite Siding
  • Stone

You might be aware that pressure washing is a very popular technique for washing house exteriors; roofs, decks, brick walls are all easily washable. However, some surfaces are delicate and require a human touch. For example, pressure washing is not suitable for wooden sidings. Such surfaces are cleaned with soft washing techniques.

The most popular cleaning techniques in the industry use biodegradable chlorine bleach that kills algae and fungus. With a low-pressure (100 psi), they apply the solution with a pressure washer. Using greater pressures can damage the surface permanently and even leave watermarks.

Why should I hire professionals?

Washing a porch or a deck by yourself is a doable task, but you should hire a professional when it comes to house exterior washing. Firstly, you might end up using the wrong method of cleaning on a delicate surface. It can damage your property, and once you do that, there is no going back!

Secondly, it is not easy as it sounds. There are places on the house exterior that are difficult to reach and require great expertise to clean. And one might slip off a slippery surface trying to reach one of those tightly packed places.

Thirdly, a pressure washer can be a dangerous method and hurt individuals holding the nozzle and bystanders.

How much house exterior washing cost?

It depends on what kind of surface you have and how much area service providers will need to wash. However, it costs less than what would cost on maintenance if you neglected a timely house’s exterior wash.

To get an estimate, contact few of your local pressure washing contractors and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the average prices. Speaking of the quality of the exterior cleaning contractors, this is how a professional house washing ChicagoRacoons looks like. Keep in mind that you need to know the square footage of your house siding so they can give you a realistic estimate.

Does your house look old and dusty? Maybe it’s time to get it soft or pressure washed!