How Do You Choose The Perfect Dumpster For Your Project?


Choosing what size of dumpster you need can be a complicated process. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. What will be deposited in the bin? How much material is there? Will it all fit? how will it be hauled off? These are important questions when choosing dumpsters for construction projects. What are your trash needs when it comes to having construction debris removed? M&M Waste has this quick guide on choosing a waste disposal system that fits your project. We make a dumpster rental in Decatur easy!

What Are Your Trash Needs?

If you are a homeowner and the only thing you need is to get rid of yard waste, you can rent a 10-yard dumpster. If your project is bigger and you need to remove construction debris or other large items from your property, a 20-yard dumpster might be just what you need. Do you need a dumpster for a construction project? Or do you simply have too much trash and need to get rid of it? Once you know your specific requirements, it will be easier to find the right company and size dumpster for your needs.

Get the Correct Size

There are four main sizes of dumpsters: 10 yards, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard. The size of the dumpster that you need depends on how much trash you want to get rid of and how long you want it. If you need a lot of room, go with a 20 or 30-yard dumpster. If you only have a few things like furniture or appliances that need to be discarded, then a 10 or 20-yard dumpster should suffice. Keep in mind that if your project is more than just one day’s work, you may want to go with a larger size so that everything can fit into one load instead of making multiple trips.


If all of your trash is from construction debris, then a 10-yard dumpster may be sufficient for your needs. However, if there are going to be other types of waste as well, it might be best to get a larger dumpster (or two).


If you have an amount of trash that falls between 3-6 cubic yards (roughly 20-30 bags), then this may be the right size for you! This size can hold about one pickup truck-sized load.


A 30-yard dumpster is typically used for residential cleanouts and garage or yard projects. It’s also a good choice for small commercial jobs like landscaping removal or construction demolition. This size is best for projects that produce less than three cubic yards of daily waste. If you have more than three cubic yards per day, you should consider using a 40-yard dumpster instead.


A 40-yard dumpster can hold up to 6 cubic yards of debris — 2 times as much as a 30-yard dumpster! This size works well for large commercial jobs like strip mall demolitions, warehouse cleanouts, and home renovations that produce more than three cubic yards per day.

Understand What Can’t Go Into the Dumpster

The first step to choosing the right dumpster is knowing what you can’t put in it. The following items are not allowed in any dumpster:

  • Tires or car parts
  • Radioactive materials or anything with a PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) label
  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous waste, including chemicals and paint
  • For more information about disposing of household hazardous waste, visit the EPA website.

M&M Waste Dumpster Rental in McDonough.

All in all, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your dumpster. Consider the types of waste you will naturally produce and where it will go once it’s tossed into the dumpster. Will it be taken away for recycling? What items do you need to prevent from getting into the dumpster? Knowing these factors will help you save time and money when looking for your next dumpster rental in McDonough.