Home Office Organization Ideas on A Budget


Perfect home office organization can be a challenge, especially for those on a budget. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some great ideas for home office organization without spending too much money.

Tip # 1: Shelves

Shelves can serve as a great home office organization tool. Shelves are affordable, and they can be used for a variety of things. For instance, you could install shelves on the wall behind your desk to store supplies. Office supply stores sell boxes that are designed for storage on shelves which are great for filing and storing papers, decorative plants and other items.

Tip # 2: Hanging File Folders

Hanging file folders make it super easy to organize documents by subject or type. For example, if you have a lot of business proposals from different clients, put all your client proposals in one hanging file folder labeled “client proposals.” This will help you keep them organized so you can get back to them easily when necessary without having to search through an entire drawer of documents looking for what you need. You can also purchase hanging files with preprinted labels so you don’t have to do the labeling yourself.

Tip # 3: Binder Clips and a Holder

Binder clips are super- useful for keeping documents in order on top of your desk or file cabinet. You can also buy a binder clip holder to keep them organized as well. If you use this method, don’t let too many binders accumulate because they will take up more room than is necessary. Also, if you hang binders from the edge of your desk or shelf with binder clips, make sure that they aren’t bulky binders that could tip over onto your computer monitor.

Tip # 4: Baskets

Baskets are great for home office organization for small spaces because they can be used to store almost anything. You could put a basket on the floor near your desk to corral all your loose pens and pencils or put one on top of your desk to store mail that has been opened but not yet filed. You could also use baskets in your closet as a way to organize clothing by type, color, or season.

Tip # 5: Declutter Cords

Cords and cables can easily get out of control. They are often a source of clutter when you don’t know how to put them away properly. To keep cords neat, organize them by type (power cords, USB cords, etc.). Then store them in clear boxes or plastic bins with lids that close securely. You can label each box or bin so you know what is inside.

Cords that are in use are also able to be organized. For example, if you have a laptop computer on your desk, there will probably be a power cord and an ethernet cable. Simple clips can ensure cords are neatly held in place. You can use clips to hold the end of the cable that plugs into your computer, and you can even store them on a clipboard or along an edge of your desk.

Tip # 6: Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers can be a great way to keep your desk area clutter-free. You should have one for anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else, like extra staples or paper clips. You could also have drawer organizers for small desk items, like pens, paperclips and sticky notes. Handy organizers can make it easier to find the things you need without having to search through your drawer.

Tip # 7: Hooks

Hooks can be used in a variety of ways for home office organizations. You could use a hook near your desk for storing items that don’t belong in a drawer but aren’t big enough to merit their own space, such as extra pens or note pads. You could also hang something from the back of your chair with a hook so it doesn’t clutter up your desk area—for example, extra sweaters for chilly days, or work bags. 

Tip # 8: Use Pegboard

Pegboard is easy to install yourself; you just need a stud finder, hammer and nails to use as hooks for tools and other items on the wall behind your desk. You can also purchase a pegboard ready-made with hooks already attached. These are a great way to ensure you don’t lose important notes or documents.

Home office organization can be a challenge. After all, it’s difficult to find the right storage solutions for everything from your work papers and pens to personal items like sweaters and purses. The good news is that there are lots of affordable and easy-to-find solutions for organizing your home office, without a lot of time or money spent.