Hardwood Flooring Maintenance and Care Guide for Beginners


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Hardwood floors are an exquisite indoor aesthetic and are widely popular in many cultures. The fine and smooth finish, the symmetry of the planks, and the soothing scent of the polish are only a few of the luxuries of this type of flooring. Maintaining hardwood flooring may seem a daunting task; however, a fixed routine will go a long way in helping you as well as your flooring and will soon no longer seem tedious. Wood flooring Phoenix companies can help you install the best kind of hardwood flooring.

Before we get to the main points to ensure while maintaining hardwood flooring, it should be emphasized that the biggest enemy of your floor is water. Moisture and wood are never a good mix, and you will need to actively make sure that you have zero instances of seepage, prolonged water spillage, and stagnant water standing on the floors. 

Regular Sweeping of Floors

To begin, you should regularly sweep your hardwood flooring. This may seem exhaustive, but it’s the best way to keep all your floors tidy and safe from the most damaging forces and scratches. A microfiber brush or cloth or even a wet mop will suffice. However, as stated above, you need to be extremely careful with a wet mop. Steam mops and wax cleaning is also a risky option and may lead to cupping and swelling of floorboards. Regular sweeping will ensure a healthy floor for a long time to come.

Avoid Spillage

Spilling random liquids or food is inevitable on your flooring, and you need to clean it up immediately. With a wet cloth, a sponge, or other not-scratching materials, mop up the spillage and quickly dry off any moisture on the surface. If spills or stains are left on the floor, they may leave permanent stains or cause water damage.

Use Non-scratch Furniture Pads

Furniture of all kinds should have non-scratch furniture pads on their contacts with the surface—for example, your sofas, couches, chairs, and tables.

Regular Vacuuming

A weekly vacuum regiment can improve floor health by a lot. Before sweeping the floors, make sure you vacuum before. It is a way that ensures cleaning without scratches and dragging off the dirt. If weekly vacuuming is not possible, then you should look into Roombas.

Floor Cleaners

Each month you can also use hardwood floor cleaners to deep clean your floors; they not only instill a fresh, calming fragrance but also shine and tidy up your hardwood flooring. The same is for wood polishing your floors every couple of months, depending on your house’s traffic. Busy households should take more care about this as over time, the flooring will lose its shine, and protective coverings will weaken through wear and tear.

Every couple of years, you should think about refinishing your floors, essentially removing the protective coverings and replacing them with fresher ones. This can help with damage control, refining the floor, evening out bumps, and giving a brand-new look to it. The company you chose for the installation of the floor can help you in maintaining them as well.