What is the Marble Countertop Price?

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The countertop is the most important feature in your kitchen because it is where aesthetics and functionality can form a beautiful marriage that will create a conducive dining environment for your whole family.

When it comes to this type of home renovation, selecting the perfect material is crucial to ensure that you will have a visually pleasing and functional countertop that you can rely on for a long period of time.

If you’re considering marble as an option for your countertop, then you’re on the right track to creating a luxurious kitchen that you can enjoy for longer. It is a highly durable material that epitomizes luxury at its finest.

On top of that, marble is known for its timeless appeal which makes it a worthy investment considering that it will never go out of style.

What is the Cost of a Marble Countertop?

The total cost of a marble countertop installation will vary depending on the measurement of your countertop, the quality of your chosen material, and labour. For the average countertop measurement of 30 square feet or 5.48 by 5.48 feet, you will roughly spend from $700 to $5,700 including labour for installation and material. The prices for both labour and material will vary depending on your location and it can also fall dramatically during the low season. If you want to save more money on your home renovations (https://trademarkrenovations.com/) in general, then late fall or early winter would be the perfect timing for you to avail of the best discounts.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Marble Countertops:

Length: The measurement of your countertop has a major impact on the total cost of your marble countertop installation. If you have a much smaller countertop, then you can expect to spend a much smaller amount on this project.

For those who have a significantly larger countertop, consider raising your budget because the price can only go higher. Fortunately, there are marble types that are inexpensive such as Makrana and pink marble. Although inexpensive, these marble types are still beautiful and durable.

Quality: There are different types of marble and they all come in a variety of grains and veining patterns which makes it a versatile material for every kitchen design. According to www.homeadvisor.com, the marble prices per square foot can range from $12 to $180 which makes it an easy material option for your home renovations whatever your budget. The prices of each marble type significantly vary because of the location where they are quarried as well as the rarity of their colour that can heighten their market demand. In terms of quality, all marble slabs regardless of colour or pattern share pretty much the same characteristics and level of durability. Let’s take a look at the different types of marble slabs available for you.

  • Makrana – It is the most affordable option priced at $12 per square foot. Although the most inexpensive, Makrana is the best type of marble in the world in terms of quality. The majestic Taj Mahal was built using this ivory-white marble as its main material and considering that the architecture still holds its charm even after 300 years, then you can trust that Makrana would be a wise choice.
  • Pink Marble – If pink is your favourite hue, then you will be glad to have pink marble as one of your affordable options priced at $25 per square foot. Pink marble features deep red veins that can add a touch of colour to your kitchen without sacrificing quality and durability.
  • Carrara – Carrara is by far the most popular marble type for all homeowners because it offers luxury and flair at a low price point of $40 per square foot. It is a very durable material that can withstand high heat, pressure, and other harsh elementals that can wreak havoc on your countertop.
  • Statuario – Despite its beauty and rarity, Statuario marbles are only priced at $50 per square foot. This is an extremely durable type of marble that is commonly used as exterior wall cladding and flooring material as well.
  • Cultured – For those who are fond of the idea of personalization, then cultured marble is your best option priced at around $65 per square foot. With cultured marble, you have the option to create your very own design and enjoy a beautiful countertop like no other. The main advantage of cultured marble is that it boasts non-porous surfaces which makes it an extremely durable material.
  • Black Marble – If you’re concerned about stains sticking with white marble, then the black marble is an elegant alternative priced at $75 per square foot. It is a highly durable material that’s water and grease resistant making it practically easier to maintain compared to its white counterpart.
  • Calacatta – If you prefer the most luxurious type of marble for your kitchen countertop, then Calacatta is the best option priced at a whopping $180 per square foot. Compared to other marble types, the colours and patterns of Calacatta are more prominent and it will definitely stand out as a focal point in your kitchen. Although it shares pretty much the same quality as your other marble options, Calacatta is practically difficult to come by, and it’s the reason why it’s rather expensive.

Labour: According to homeguide.com, the labour and installation cost of a marble countertop renovation typically covers 20% of the project’s total cost. It has an average labour and installation cost of $10 per square foot or $35-$45 per hour. Generally, a marble countertop installation can take more or less ten (10) hours which will give you a rough estimate of $300 to $450 for the labour cost.

The most contributing factor that will affect the labour and installation cost is your location. If the cost of living in your area is high, then you can expect this cost to be a little higher as well. For those who live in regions where the cost of living is low, then you can expect the cost to be relatively cheaper considering the lower fuel costs, material prices, and labour rates.

To cut the budget, some homeowners would opt for the DIY method which can potentially turn the project into an absolute disaster. Professional installers are licensed and have years of experience which means that they can provide you with the best outcome possible for all your home renovations.