How To Choose Your Extending Dining Table for Your Home Improvement


A quality extendable dining table sets a quality stage for your home. Its therefore essential to have an extending dining table that is attractive, strong, comfortably fits your available space, and creates a sense of comfort. To achieve these benefits, you need to consider some factors when shopping for your extendable dining table.

1. Size of The Dining Table

Determining the dimensions of your extendable dining table helps you perfectly fit your dining table in the available space. The size of extending dining tables depends on various factors, such as the space and your family size.

However, it’s essential to take measurements of the minimum and the maximum area you want your extendable dining table to occupy. The dimensions will inform the best dining table size in its simplest form and the total length when you extend your dining table.

2. Shape

The shape of your extendable dining table is crucial to your dining room. Extendable dining tables may come in circular, square, rectangular, or even customized shapes. You may choose the dining table top shape of your extendable dining table depending on the space you want to place the dining table or your style.

For example, if your space is too small, you can use a circular extendable dining table since it has no edges. It’s challenging to utilize the corner edges of rectangular and square dining tables. However, circular extendable dining tables make use of all-around space since there are no edges.

However, rectangular and square extendable dining tables will fit nicely in most homes.

3. Construction Material

The material you choose for your extendable dining table determines the aesthetic beauty, durability, and usage of your dining table.

You can have your extendable dining table made of wood, glass, or metal. There are different types of wood that make extendable dining tables. However, some wood such as oak, mahogany, and pine are suitable for indoor while eucalyptus, Shorea wood, and teak are conducive for outdoor and indoor purposes.

For a traditional dining room, you can choose an extendable dining table made from red oak. Red oak is a classic wood that creates a warm and comfortable conventional look.

Glass top for extendable dining tables are attractive and easy to clean and maintain; hence if you are likely to use your extendable dining table more frequently, you can consider a glass extendable dining table for easy cleaning.

When choosing metallic extendable dining tables, it’s essential to consider a dining table made from food-grade metals. Other factors to consider while selecting the material for your extendable dining table are durability, ease of cleaning, and maintenance.

4. Design and Style

An extendable dining table should be part of your home décor. Its’ therefore essential to consider a design and style that rhymes with your home. Your extendable dining table should enhance the aesthetic beauty and theme of your home.

Certain factors may determine the style of your furniture, such as the color, material, shape, and finishing. An extendable dining table with a well-polished finish will create regular reflections that look attractive and is easy to clean.

Your style should also consider how well your furniture fits into the available space without squeezing your extendable dining table.

5. Purpose of The Dining Table

The purpose of your dining table may influence your choices. For example, if you want a dining table that also serves as a desk for your children, you may consider getting an extendable dining table with height adjustments.

If your extendable dining table is for outdoor purposes, you should consider a material that comfortably serves your outdoor purposes with ease, such as eucalyptus wood. It’s therefore essential you choose your extendable dining table with all its purpose in mind.

6. Color Contrast for The Elderly

Older adults may not accurately differentiate between colors; hence they are likely to miss objects with no color contrast due to poor peripheral vision. For example, if your tabletop is the same color as the floor of your house, an older adult may not be able to determine the edges of the table. Hence there’s a need to have an extendable dining table whose color contrasts nicely with your floor if you have an older adult with poor vision.


An extendable dining table is an essential piece of furniture in your home. It gives your home a stage, a point of interest. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your dining table with the importance it deserves by making a selection that suits your style and effectively meets your needs. If you are likely to use your extendable dining table for various purposes, you should look for one that serves all your goals. If your space is small, remember you can still have an extendable dining table that fits your room but can extend to hold more guests outdoors.