Carpet Steam Cleaning VS Carpet Dry Cleaning


A Carpet Cleaning business owner has to be familiar with both Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Dry Cleaning. This is because he needs to guide his customers about the process involved in each of these Carpet Cleaning methods.

What are Carpet Steam Cleaning & Carpet Dry Cleaning?

Carpet Dry Cleaning is mainly done by applying chemicals onto the carpet surface using a sprayer or injection system. After applying chemicals, the carpet cleaning company’s employees will scrub on your carpets using special brushes, thus releasing soils embedded on your carpet surfaces. For this reason, you need to dispose of any mattresses, furniture covers, etc., which would prevent Carpet Dry cleaners from making direct contact with Carpet surfaces. On the other hand, Carpet steam cleaning uses water with detergents to clean carpets using a Carpet Steam Cleaning machine with rotating heads used to scrub Carpets & simultaneously inject high-quality cleaning solutions into Carpets.

The Carpet Steam Cleaning method uses Carpet steam cleaners which contain rotating heads attached to a long hose: these Carpet Steam Cleaners clean Carpets and the surfaces beneath Carpets, such as walls and windows, etc. However, it would help if you didn’t confuse Carpet Steam Cleaners with Carpet Shampooers. While professional carpet cleaners mainly use a Carpet shampooer for spot removal of soils from carpets, carpet steam cleaner can be used for effective & efficient carpet steam cleaning in homes and offices alike.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning over Carpet Dry Cleaning:

Your home will become safer.

The carpet dry cleaning process uses chemicals, solvents & other harsh substances to clean carpets. These chemical residues can cause long-term damage to your Carpets and family members who have been exposed to such harmful chemical particles daily for years together. Carpet Steam Cleaning instead uses pure water or water-based solutions with no traces of any chemicals or additives that may be harmful to Carpets. Carpet Steam Cleaners only use water, detergents, and Carpet specific cleaning solutions to clean carpets without having any Carpet Dry Cleaning residues left behind on Carpets.

Carpets will become more Carpet safe.

In the Carpet Dry Cleaning process, harmful chemical particles from dry chemicals get embedded inside fibers of your Carpets, resulting in a lower Carpef safety quotient for you & your family members living or working within homes where carpets have been cleaned through the Carpet Dry Cleaning method. However, since the Carpet Steam Cleaning machine uses high-pressure heated steam instead of chemical solvents to kill germs and dust mites that live deep inside your Carpets, Carpets become safer for everyone. Carpet Steam Cleaners also clean Carpets from deep within Carpets which is not possible with Carpet Drycleaners.

Carpets will last longer.

Since dry chemicals and chemical residues remain on your carpets even after Carpet Dry cleaning, you risk having stained and yellowing Carpets over some time due to prolonged use of such harmful chemical residues & solvents as part of the Carpet Dry cleaning method. However, as far as Carpet Steam Cleaners are concerned, there are no such risks involved since it has been proved beyond doubt that using water-based solutions instead of dry chemicals results in better colorfastness of Carpets. Carpet Steam Cleaning results in Carpets that stay cleaner, brighter, and new for more extended periods than Carpet Dry cleaned Carpets do.

Carpets will be more hygienic.

Carpet Dry cleaners use dry chemicals & solvents to clean carpets instead of water-based cleaning solutions that Carpet Steam cleaners use on Carpets. This means that there is no way you can verify or check if all dirt has been sucked out from Carpets while Carpet Dry cleaning is being carried out on your carpets. Since all solvents are left behind inside fiber cores after the carpet dry cleaning process, it becomes difficult to remove these residues over time, thereby hampering Carpet hygiene levels. On the other hand, Carpet Steam cleaners kill germs & dust mites that live deep inside Carpets, which are difficult to remove with Carpet Dry Cleaners during the Carper cleaning process. This means Carpets treated by Carpet Steam Cleaning will be cleaner & more hygienic than Carpets cleaned through Carpet Dry Cleaning methods.

Better results.

Carpet steam cleaners for homes and offices can easily clean most carpets with better results than Carpet dry cleaning. Since most wet carpet cleaning machines use hot boiling water to clean carpets, they clean Carpets faster and leave less moisture content in carpets after Carpet cleaning has been carried out. On the other hand, Carpet dry cleaners use filtered air to blow off all dirt and residues from Carpets after the Carpet Dry Cleaning process is complete. Carpet Steam cleaners can be used along with Carpet protectors and carpet stain removers if required, and this allows you and your family members to live in more hygienic surroundings at home or work.

Better Carpet Drying results.

Carpet dry cleaners do not allow Carpets enough time for drying after Carpet Dry cleaning, which often leads to low-quality damp carpets instead of high-quality dry carpets treated through Carpet steam cleaning methods. The Carpet steam cleaner uses hot steam combined with a Carpet cleaning solution to deep clean Carpets, and this means Carpets are dry within an hour of the Carpet steam cleaning process. This saves you the inconvenience of Carpeting wet carpets for several hours before they are scorched.

In a nutshell, Carpets treated through Carpet Steam Cleaning processes stay cleaner and newer for more extended periods than Carpet Dry cleaned carpets do because hot water-based solutions remove dirt better than dry chemicals ever can. So if you want healthy & clean Carpets that look good too, it is best to hire a carpet steam cleaner instead of going in for carpet dry cleaning methods to get rid of stains and germs from Carpets.