Checklist to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter


With winter rapidly approaching, the time has come to check your home to ensure you’ve finished all the maintenance tasks required to prepare for cold weatherproperly. One of the most vital of these is to ensure that your heating system is functioning at its best. After all, the worst moment to face a failing heating system is on a night when temperatures reach their coldest or the midst of a winter storm.

Replace Filters

The best time of year to replace the old filters on your household heater is during the fall so that you can prepare your system to perform at its maximum capacity as soon as the coldest weather arrives. Along with allowing your heating system to work better, it will take less power to bring your home up to the desired temperatures you require.

Any time you can improve your heater’s capacity to heat your home while using less energy will save you money on your power bill. It will also help to save the environment by drawing less electricity from your local system as a whole. If you haven’t already been replacing your filters regularly, it is a good idea to check them every three months.

Have a Professional Service Your Heating System

If you haven’t had a professional visit to give your heating system a tune-up in awhile, then it is probably long overdue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people let services like these go unchecked for far too long due to the need to isolate. If this is the case in your home, then it is likely that your heating system is not working at its total capacity and may even require repairs.

When you invite a qualified heating expert to your home, they can advise you on whether you require an upgrade on your existing heater. When the time comes to replace your current model, you may want advice on how to choose the best furnace for the size of your home. Talking to a professional will allow you to get the answer that you need to make the best choice.

Check Your Heating Ducts

During the summer months, when you don’t need to worry about whether heat can travel through your home, it is easy to allow furniture or other items to block your heating vents. As in the case of dirty filters, it is essential that these vents are clear of any obstacles to ensure that your heater isn’t working overtime and costing you extra money.

Blocked vents can also cause a fire hazard if any kind of flammable material is piled up too close to the vent. Likewise, if your heating system has to work too hard to allow your house to heat up, it could overheat itself and suffer damage or cause a fire.

Like any other aspect of your home, your heating system requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. Schedule a service appointment today to ensure that you don’t wait too late.