Different Types of Laundry Detergents You Can Choose From


Doing laundry is an essential part of everyday life. It is a cumbersome task that everyone has to do. If you do not do your laundry, often you might end up with nothing to wear but a pile of smelly t-shirts and jeans. Moreover, the activity is made challenging by the variety of clothes one has to wash, different instructions for each type of clothing, and different types of detergents.

So, if you are new to doing laundry, it can be pretty overwhelming, to say the least. Some people even abandon the idea altogether and instead lookup “drop off laundry near me” on their mobile to find the nearest laundry drop-off service.

If you like the sound of that, you will be elated to know that most laundry services now offer pick-up and delivery services as well, meaning, there’s no need to leave the house even to drop it off.

However, if you still wish to do your laundry yourself, you must know about the three main types of laundry detergents you can choose from. This brief guide will help you to choose the best detergent for your clothes.

1. Powdered laundry detergent

It is one of the most common types of detergents people have used to do their laundry since its inception in the 1930s; however, you will not find it on shelves of a store in America.

Liquid and detergent pods are common in America, but powdered detergent is cheaper and just as effective as the other two.

Reasons to choose a powdered detergent.

  • It is a much cheaper option than its other two counterparts.
  • Owing to its chemical properties, it has a longer shelf life when compared to the other two types of detergents.
  • Furthermore, such detergents are commonly packed in cardboard boxes instead of plastic, making them recyclable and a more environmentally friendly option.

Cons of using powdered detergent

  • If you use cold water to wash your clothes, the powdered detergent may leave some residue as it does not dissolve fully in cold water. The powder can clog into your washing machine over time and hinder its performance.
  • The residue can even stick onto your clothing which will make them look dirty even after washing.
  • While its packaging is eco-friendly, the boxes themselves are bulky and difficult to store. In addition, the powder does not bode well in humid conditions as it needs a dry storage place; otherwise, it will form lumps.

2. Liquid laundry detergent

These detergents are widely used in American households mainly because they are easy to use and are readily available in any store.

Reasons to choose a liquid laundry detergent

  • When compared to the all-in-one laundry pods, liquid detergent is relatively a cheaper option.
  • Since this detergent is in liquid form, it does not leave any residue and dissolves in water much more quickly than powdered detergent.
  • Most of the liquid detergents in the market contain a substance called alcohol ethoxylates, which effectively cleans out any oil or grease stains.
  • It is readily available in a variety of scents and sizes.

Cons of liquid detergents

  • Unlike a powdered detergent box, liquid detergents come in plastic bottles, which can harm the environment. However, many brands have started rolling out their detergents in recyclable plastic bottles.
  • It also hinders the performance of other cleaning agents such as oxygen bleach since these two do not mix well together.

3. Laundry pods

These types of detergents are relatively new in the market when compared to the other two detergents. Laundry pods were introduced in 2012 by Tide Brand and trademarked the term PODS to launch their Tide PODS.

However, the pods quickly made a name for themselves and became the most common choice in American households for doing laundry, only second to liquid detergents.

Reasons to choose laundry pods.

  • Laundry pods are a highly convenient option since they are a single unit comprising detergent and other cleaning
  • Laundry pods can dissolve well in water and leave no residue on your clothes or the washing machine.
  • Each pod pack is accurately measured for a full load of laundry, so it prevents you from overusing detergents on your clothes.
  • Pods have a better shelf life than powdered detergents.

Cons of laundry pods

  • Laundry pods offer great usability, but they are the most expensive type of detergents of the bunch.
  • If you are washing a load of laundry with more stains than usual, you need to use more than one pod to eliminate stains effectively.

Actually, there is still one laundry detergent that is as simple as laundry pods, which is laundry detergent sheets. Its very simple form will be much more practical and easier to use.

To conclude, If you are looking for the easiest way of cleaning your clothes, you should consider using a drop-off laundry service. You can search ‘drop-off laundry near me’ and choose the laundry service that offers you the best deals. Of course, laundry services use special detergents and cleaning solutions, which is why clothes cleaned by laundry services always look better than clothes cleaned at home.