23 Cloudless Colorful Living Room Decor Ideas You Will Love


roohome.com – As a room that is encountered when entering the house, the living room become a room that represents the whole house. Therefore, besides comfort, the living room must also be made memorable. And, making it look colorful is an interesting way to try. The combination of vibrant colors not only makes the room feel livelier but also looks bright. The cloudless atmosphere is also present in this room very well. However, several things need to be considered in decorating a colorful living room so that its colors do not look messy and distracting. And, in helping you to have a pretty and cozy colorful living room, here we have provided 23 Cloudless Colorful Living Room Decor Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Fresh with Plants Decoration

fresh colorful living room
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Plants are the safest decorations you can use for the living room. You can play on small plants with a larger number. Presenting 3 or 4 small indoor plants in the living room can bring freshness which makes this room feel more comfortable.

However, also pay attention to the area and space in the living room. If the living room only has a limited space, don’t put all the plants on the floor or table. Choose a hanging plant and hang it on the side or corner of the room. This method can also provide an even freshness for the living room.

2. Look Feminine in Pink Touch

pink living room
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With white as the main color and maximum natural lighting, the look of the living room becomes neutral. So it will be easier to make other colors look more stand out and clear in the room. As in this one idea that chose pink for a sofa. The appearance of the living room has changed to become more feminine. A calmer atmosphere can also be felt very clearly in this room. Moreover, there are green plants on the side of the room and also beautiful flowers on the coffee table that enliven and bring freshness to this room. It really boosts the coziness of the living room.

3. Attractive Colorful Mural Wall

wall mural
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You can make the living room colorful and minimal by only using furniture or items that are only needed. As in this one idea, which only presents a couch, chairs, and a coffee table. Even though it’s minimal, the atmosphere of the room feels quite cloudless. This is because the wall murals are very attractive with beautiful bright colors.

White walls make other colors like green, orange, and peach look more real. Curved abstract lines soften the look of the living room and make it look soft and calm.

4. Natural Colorful Living Room

natural colorful living room
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This living room looks so attractive with a natural and colorful appearance at once. White is the main color that is made consistent. It can be seen from its comprehensive application, starting from the ceiling, walls, to the floor. And, with natural light pouring in freely through the windows, whites look bright. There are also plants that decorate the corner of the room. These are what make this living room look neutral.

Vibrant colors are used as accents. The yellow couch is very eye-catching. It also gives freshness and makes the living room feel alive. What is interesting about this living room is several colorful paintings that are hung very neatly on the whitewashed wall. It really matches the interior and brings a cloudless ambiance to the room.

5. Feel Calmer in Your Bright Colorful Living Room

calm colorful living room
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The dominant white color, which is assisted by maximum natural light, is successful in making the living room bright. This makes the other colors as well as the texture from the exposed brick wall look more vibrant in the room. The white color that is applied consistently gives the effect of a wider room. Thus, this small room becomes more comfortable.

Due to limited space, the living room is only filled with small furniture. There is only a chair, couch, and a coffee table so there is more space left. This is the reason why this small living room doesn’t feel cramped. Also, because of the minimal use of furniture, the atmosphere created in this room is calmer and fresher.

6. Pink Living Room Nuances

pink room
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Never be afraid to apply pink to your living room interior. It can make this room look like Barbie’s house. The appearance will be more feminine and calm. You only need to beautify it with a touch of blue as an accent and the natural green color of plants and flowers. It can make this pink living room look not only colorful and cloudless but also fresh.

Enliven the wall behind the sofa with some colorful paintings. Give it a brown or black frame as a barrier between the colors from the painting and the pinkwashed wall.

7. Colorful Wall Decor That Looks So Artsy

colorful wall decor
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The purple wall makes this living room have a different impression. Much more attractive appearance. Therefore, take advantage of the walls to make the living room look more beautiful and colorful. Like this one idea that uses very interesting colorful paintings and pictures. The use of a picture frame is a separator between the colors of the painting and also the walls. Besides that, the picture frame also makes the paintings and the pictures stand out more on the wall.

8. The Combination of Vibrant Colors

colorful living room decor
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Be brave to combine several vibrant colors in the room. Choose pink, blue, yellow, and green. In order to make the appearance not pale, presents an eccentric color like red. This is also one of the dark colors that can eliminate the impression of stiffness in the living room.

Apply bright colors at every spot in the living room. Start from the main spot which is the sofa. The tosca-colored sofa really grabs attention. It also looks more stand out with several throw pillows with different colors, motifs, and shapes.

The wall area is also made livelier with a pink painting and picture frame. There is a mix of bright colors on one of the walls which is very attractive. In fact, the colorful concept is also implemented on the chandeliers in this living room.

9. Yellow Rug Enliven The Living Room

living room rug
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A sofa with a deep pink color looks so eccentric. It looks alive in the living room due to the colorful throw pillows on it. However, what is no less interesting is the yellow rug. The combination of yellow and pink looks so unified. These really enliven the room and bring a cloudless ambiance very well.

The plain window area allows sunlight to enter freely into the room. The light spreads and makes the living room look naturally bright. This light also makes the colors in the room show their true colors and make the living room look more awesome.

10. A Soothing Colorful Living Room

soothing colorful living room
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Want to have a living room that looks colorful and calm at once? If so, then this one idea is perfect for you to implement in your living room. You can choose beige as the main color. Apply this color to the walls and floor of the room. For the ceiling, let it be white so that the living room still looks bright.

Decorating the wall area in a simple way. Hang a large painting right in the middle of the wall. Fill the right and left areas with small paintings. Do not forget to provide a frame as a barrier and to make the paintings look stand out on the wall.

For the main item, you can choose orange. The orange sofa with some colorful throw pillows looks so attractive. These colors are the best in bringing a cloudless atmosphere into the living room very well.

11. Pretty Colorful Mona Lisa Painting

mona lisa painting
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In making the living room look colorful, it is not enough to use a colorful and patterned sofa or rug. You also need to fill in other empty areas, especially the walls. The wall is the main focal point in the room. Therefore, the appearance greatly affects the beauty of the room itself.

You can decorate an empty wall with a large Mona Lisa painting. However, this one painting is different from other Mona Lisa paintings. Here, you can choose the colorful Mona Lisa painting as seen in the image above. You can make it appear simpler by simply placing it on a long sideboard. Let this colorful painting lean against the wall. It is so great decoration for the whitewashed wall.

12. Colorful Reading Nook in The Corner of The Room

reading nook
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An empty corner of the room should not be left alone. You can use this area as a reading nook. This is a great way to make a living room as a functional room.

Make the reading nook look colorful by playing with a few vibrant colors. Choose a chair that you think is comfortable for you to read. Then, decorate it with pretty throw pillows. You can also add a bean bag with a beautiful pattern to relax. And, as a barrier between living room and reading nook, you can rely on a rug. A colorful rug is the final touch that makes this colorful reading nook look perfect.

13. A Simple Small Colorful Living Room

small colorful living room
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With the presence of bright colors, the small living room feels so comfortable. Indeed, white is used as the main color to make the room bright and also feel wider. So, it does not feel cramped and stuffy. The pink couch perfectly fills this small room. It is decorated with colorful throw pillows in various interesting shapes. The flowers on the table bring a colorful look into the room and make it feel fresh too. The freshness in this room really feels very clear because of the several plants that decorate the corners of the room. There are also hanging plants that beautify the room without taking up space which can make this room feel even smaller and cramped.

14. A Round Mirror Hangs Pretty on The Wall

mirror decor
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In creating a colorful look into the room, some people will think of using various kinds of colorful decorations. In fact, you can make it seem more simple so it does not look too much. As in this one idea that uses a round mirror for decorating the wall. It looks so pretty hanging on the whitewashed wall. Curved lines from the mirror smooth out the look of the room. So, it is so match with the soft pink couch and other pink wall decorations.

15. Elegant Colorful Living Room

elegant colorful living room
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This loving room not only looks colorful but you can also see an elegant glance here. The soft pink couch takes all the attention of the room. It changed the look into soft and calm. There is also a dark green chair opposite the couch. The velvet material brings a pretty glossy look when exposed to light. This is why this living room uses glass doors and windows.

Not only from the couch, the soft and calm look also comes from the selection of soft green for the wall. By adding some green plants, the living room becomes fresh and more alive.

16. Attractive Colorful Rug

colorful rug
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If you want to bring colorful nuances that are not too much, you can use this one idea as a reference. At first glance, the room does look natural. There is only white as the main color and wooden furniture and plants as decoration. However, if you pay attention to the floor, you can find a colorful rug. The simple motif is perfect for this living room. The color combination is also calmer and softer which makes the room look colorful but still simple.

17. Colorful Classic Living Room Design

classic living room
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This classic living room design manages to appear different and more attractive with colorful nuances. This room also does not seem quirky thanks to the predominant white color. Windows that are left open allow natural light to enter very freely so that the appearance of the room becomes bright. It also makes the other colors in the room look more vibrant and stand out.

To keep the appearance of the room neutral and simple, choose a white couch. However, there is a soft orange chair that enlivens the room. Bright colors like pink, blue, and yellow become accents. The scattered placement makes these colors successful in creating a colorful impression into this classic living room design.

18. Beautiful White Wall Panel

wall panel
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You can also make the colorful room minimalist and simple like this one idea. Where the room is only filled with furniture that is needed, such as a couch, a chair, and coffee table. Also, the decorations are kept as simple as possible so as to create a more serene atmosphere.

The wall area is only decorated with two simple paintings with black frames that make it look stand out in the light blue wall. Even though the decoration is very simple, the look of the room is still stunning with the wall panels and also the carvings on the ceiling. The play on the texture on the walls and ceiling is a separate decoration that makes this minimalist colorful look captivating.

19. Modern and Elegant Colorful Living Room

modern colorful living room
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The selection of sleek and minimalist furniture can display an elegant side to the living room. Not only that, but you can also see an elegant appearance from the play on the gold color as an accent for the walls and pendant lamps.

Actually, this living room looks very simple. There are only two sofas and two chairs equipped with a coffee table. However, playing on the motifs succeeds in enlivening this living room. Motives are made more consistent by applying them to the floor, walls and ceiling areas. The use of different motifs brings the living room to a bolder look and make it very attractive.

20. The Bright Living Room Feel so Alive

bright room
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In this living room, you can feel calm wrapped in a more feminine and soft look. This is because the light pink is the main color in this room. Choosing the same color for the walls and rug makes the look of the living room so harmonious. It also gives a simple impression.

Plants become decorations that beautify and decorate this room. Not only green plants fill the side of the room, but there are also flowers of different types and colors on the coffee table. It brings a freshness that makes the living room feel more comfortable.

21. A Cozy Swing Chair Decor

swing chair
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It is very easy to make your living room become comfortable. You can create a cozy spot in this room by using a swing chair like the picture above. Decorate it with a seat cushion and a throw pillow. And, for the winter, you can also use a blanket that can keep you warm so that relaxing on the swing chair will feel more comfortable.

To maintain the colorful nuances in the living room, you also have to use colorful decorations. Choose a seat cushion and also a brightly colored throw pillow with a beautiful pattern. Orange is a greatt color for you to choose. It can bring a cloudless ambiance and also enlivens the living room.

22. Beautiful Pink Couch and Flower Coffee Table

beautiful colorful living room
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The living room looks so bright with white as the main color and also natural lighting coming from the window. So, to maintain brightness in the room, choose another color with a bright color tone too. As in this one idea, which chose light pink for the main sofa. It is so well in decorating the living room. The small yellow throw pillows that decorate the sofa bring a colorful look.

The pink color brings a feminine look at a glance. So, if you want to make it look more feminine and pretty, a flower coffee table is the most appropriate to accompany the sofa.

23. Soft Colorful Living Room

soft colorful living room
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The use of neutral colors like white and gray makes the living room look more natural. However, the colorful look is still present well in this room. Starting from the wall decorations in the form of blue and pink paintings, pink throw pillows, a light pink chair, and colorful rugs with simple motifs. Because of its minimalist appearance, the living room has a calm atmosphere and is suitable for you to use as a resting room. Even so, the presence of several vibrant colors manages to bring a cloudless ambiance that makes this room feel more alive.

Final Words

The beauty of the living room really represents the whole house. Therefore, make your living room a more memorable room by applying the colorful concept. Do not just apply neutral colors like white, gray, black, and beige. From now on, dare to combine several vibrant colors. In this way, your room will be more alive and cloudless at once. And, in this article, we have provided 23 Cloudless Colorful Living Room Decor Ideas You Will Love.