5 Bothersome Pests You Might Encounter When Running a Business


Running a business is never easy. You may find it rewarding, but there’s constant work involved. You must hire new workers, get funding, work on your marketing, and deal with many other tasks and responsibilities.

If you have brick-and-mortar store locations, you may also have to deal with pests. If you have some on your premises, you must look into commercial pest control. Hiring a commercial pest control company can help you eliminate the bothersome insects, rodents, or any other uninvited guests that have decided to reside in one of your store locations.

Let’s talk for a moment about some of the most bothersome pests that you might run into while you’re trying to run a business.


Ants might look relatively harmless. They’re small, and they move slowly. They seem to always be going about their own business, and they have little to do with humans. They might try to eat the food you leave out on a counter, but other than that, perhaps you don’t realize how they might be harmful.

Ants may be tiny, but they crawl on the ground before climbing up onto counters. Because of this, they track bacteria everywhere they go. They also thrive in wet environments. That makes them carriers of additional kinds of bacteria. They also carry various disease-causing organisms that are too small for the human eye to see.

If you have ants in your place of business, they will go after any crumbs or leftover food items you leave out in the break room or at someone’s desk. They make the whole place less sanitary. Your employees will not want to work with ants everywhere, and they might complain to you incessantly until you get rid of them.

Also, if customers or clients visit one of your store locations and they see ants, that sends a bad sign. They want to buy things in a place that seems sanitary. If you sell any kind of food product, seeing ants crawling around will send customers fleeing from your store.


Bees have a place in the natural world. They pollinate flowers, and they’re usually harmless as long as you don’t bother them. The only time they might be aggressive toward humans is if you step on one or accidentally get too near a beehive.

Bees have no cause to be in the workplace, though. If they get into a building where you’re trying to conduct business endeavors, your workers and customers will be no happier to see them than they would be with ants. Also, bees can sting people, and even if someone does not mean to provoke them, they might do so by accident.

Leaving out sweet or sticky foods can attract bees, but hiring a commercial exterminator company to get rid of them can take care of this problem expediently.


Seeing cockroaches brings on a strong visceral reaction in many humans. They might blanch when they see one scuttling across the floor when they turn on the light in a bathroom or kitchen.

People usually associate roaches with uncleanliness and filth, and they are not wrong to do so. Roaches like to crawl around in all kinds of dirty places, and they carry a ton of germs on their bodies. They are attracted to human food, like ants. You don’t want to take a bite out of a sandwich that has just had a cockroach crawling on it.

Roaches also leave their feces everywhere, and that includes in your cabinets and on your food. That’s gross to think about, but it’s the truth. You need to show them the exit as soon as possible so they do not contaminate every inch of your place of business.


Mice might look cute and harmless. Some people keep them as pets, and the wild ones look much like the ones you’d buy in a pet store and keep at home in a cage.

Humans share a kinship with mice because we are both mammals, but that does not mean you want wild ones living in your store. They breed constantly, so where you notice one, there could be countless more behind the walls.

Like many other pests, their uncleanliness is the main problem with them. Mice defecate and urinate everywhere, and you don’t want to see their leavings on the counter or anywhere else around your workstations.


Rats might look like larger versions of mice, but they’re a completely different breed of animal. Rats live anywhere they can near humans since they scavenge anything we leave behind. They’re omnivores, so they will have no problems eating any food item that you leave out in your workspace. They even like to chew on many things that aren’t food.

Rats breed inside walls and in dark corners, and they need material for their nests. They can chew on the wiring in your walls and damage electrical systems. They spread disease as well, much like ants or roaches.

What’s worse, though, is that rats can grow to much larger sizes than mice, and they can be a lot more aggressive toward humans. There are stories of New York sewer rats growing to the size of house cats. That’s probably an exaggeration, but they do get very large sometimes, and they’re much more inclined to try and bite you than a mouse would.

They also breed prodigiously, so if you find you have some in your workspace, you need to take action to get rid of them as fast as possible. Your workers might refuse to come back to your store till you deal with them, and customers are inclined to run away as quickly as they can if they spot one on the premises.

A reputable exterminator is your front line of defense against these pesky invaders. Make sure you hire someone who has all the equipment and knows all the latest techniques to take out these pests once and for all.