How to Liven Up Your Home During the Dark Days of Winter


How do you make your home feel merry and bright during the dark, cold days of winter? As the temperatures fall and we begin staying inside more and more, it’s easy to let your mood fall as we get into gloomier, shorter days with worsening weather and less sun.

Even if you aren’t living in your dream beach destination or you haven’t used experts such as Michael St. Jean Realty real estate agents to find your dream home, you can still make your home feel warm and merry. Here are some simple steps you can take to liven up your home and make it cheerful and bright once again.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Most of us don’t give much consideration to our lightbulbs as long as they’re working, but you should check to see what type you’re using. Light bulbs come in a variety of tones, and there’s a significant difference between cool white and warm white. It’s also important to note that different tones of light bulbs may be more or less effective depending on what room they’re in. Add much more brightness to your home by changing your light bulbs this winter.

Remove Your Screens

Window screens are there to keep bugs and dust from your home, so if you live in a colder location and aren’t keeping your windows open, screens aren’t necessary to keep in throughout the winter. Removing them allows more light to stream inside your home (you may be surprised by just how much).

Use Slipcovers

Light colored furniture can make a big difference in brightening up a space. Unfortunately, changing your furniture with the seasons isn’t a very practical solution, which is one of the reasons slipcovers are so great. In addition to being able to try out different styles without a major investment in new furniture, you can purchase a light-colored slipcover to brighten up your furniture and your home. Another benefit to slipcovers is that if you spill some holiday cookie crumbs or hot chocolate on them, they’re easy enough to throw into the washing machine.

Add Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants bring light and freshness into any space. They can add a pop of color and life into your home and liven up the most plain of spaces. For those who don’t have the greenest of thumbs or don’t have a lot of natural light in their home, plenty of plants don’t require a lot of care or attention.


This may be unexpected, but a clean home creates a bright, warm impression. Giving your windows a little TLC to ensure they are free from grime and dirt that blocks the sun’s rays will allow even more natural light to flood into your home.

The dark days of winter won’t stand a chance of dampening your mood if you use this advice to liven up both your home and spirit.