Simple Tricks to Make Fresh Flowers Last Much Longer


Fresh flowers can make any room look more beautiful, but they don’t last very long. Flowers are living beings and need water and sunlight to stay alive. However, you can do a few things to make your flowers last longer.

Here are some simple tricks to make your fresh flowers last much longer.

Cut The Stems Of Your Flowers At An Angle

Doing so will help the flowers absorb more water and last longer. Cutting the stems at an angle will also let the water flow better. Having Bouqs flowers in your home has many benefits. Cutting the branches at an angle is a trick that will save you money on flower purchases because flowers will last longer.

Add Salt to The Water

A great tip to help your flower vase look more beautiful is to add a teaspoon of salt. Salt will make the water less pure and thus, prevent it from going bad as fast as it would without the salt. Another way you can keep your flowers looking fresh for more extended periods is by adding a few drops of bleach to the water.

Always Keep Flowers in a Cool Place

You should always keep your flowers away from heat and sunlight. If you have a balcony, don’t keep them there during the summertime because the flowers will absorb too much sunlight and die faster than usual. Keep them inside the house instead, where it’s fantastic. You can also put your flowers in the fridge for a few hours if you want to slow down its aging process.

Fertilizing Your Plants On Time

Fertilizing your plants on time may make them look healthier and thus, last longer. But if you fertilize your flowers too much, they will die faster like any other living thing. If possible, try to find the right balance and give them just enough water and food. Fertilizing flowers is unnecessary, but it can help them look better for a more extended period.

Add A Few Drops Of Bleach To The Water.

Adding bleach to the water in a flower vase will make flowers last longer. Cut the stems at an angle and put them in a cool place to maximize their shelf life. Clean the vase regularly with fresh water and soap, then wipe it dry. You can also add a teaspoon of salt or some drops of bleach to the water to boost its lifespan. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the flowers after a few days, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to the water.

Use Flowers as a Centerpiece

If you think having more than one flower in a vase is clutter, you can keep only one flower and use it as a centerpiece in your living room or dining room table instead of having a bouquet. Put the flower in an empty vase filled with water, and don’t cut its stem. You can use smaller vases of different shapes to create more beauty on your table. And of course, try to change them regularly, so you get amused all the time.

When it comes to keeping flowers alive and fresh, there are a few things you can do to lengthen their lifespan. One of the simplest tips is to cut the stems of your flowers at an angle before placing them in water which allows for better absorption and helps keep the flowers hydrated for a longer time. Adding a teaspoon of salt to the water in your flower vase will also help keep it looking fresh. It would be best if you also tried to keep your flowers in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Fertilizing your plants on time can also help them look healthier and last longer. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your flowers after a few days, you can change your water and add some sugar or bleach to keep the flowers looking fresh.