How Your Home Plumbing Works (From Start to Finish)


Ever felt a little confused about the existing connection between the plumbing works in your house. Even in what is considered a small apartment, it is possible to have a slightly complex plumbing system. One disadvantage to this confusion is that when something goes wrong, you do not know what to touch or what to ignore, and this can make you spend money on things you can quickly fix at home if you had a simple understanding of how the pipes were connected and how they work. Learning about this will make you realize that plumbing in Fairfax, VA, is not as complex as expected. However, you can check this link right here now for more Info.

Though you are more likely to have several parts of a whole system in your house; however, no matter how big a house, the plumbing in Fairfax, VA usually consists of two major systems and those:

  • The water supply system
  • The drainage system

Here, we will look at how these two systems work. With this, you have a basic knowledge of any plumbing system in your home. With this knowledge, you will get to be comfortable with the plumbing system in your home. In addition, it will make it easier to identify the cause of any plumbing issue and determine if it is something you should do yourself or involve an expert.

The water supply system

The water supply system is a crucial plumbing system in Fairfax, VA, because houses in this environment or anywhere else literally can’t function without water. This system supplies water into your home through the city water. Water is passed through pipes connected to other plumbing in your home using high pressure that ensures that even different parts of the house can still have water. This explains the reason why water still flows accurately even in bigger houses.

Water from the city enters the house through the pipe laid parallel to your street in your water supply system. As a result, while pumping water through a well instead of city water, you will need to apply higher pressure or risk not having water in your showers.

The plumbing system also features a shutoff valve. This shutoff is put in place in case you need to carry out some plumbing project. You can easily shut off the water until you have fully completed the project. This valve is located before the water meter, and it can be used primarily where you intend to fix some things yourself.

It is essential to note that the mere installation of a water system does not naturally mean that hot water is supplied to the house. To have hot water, you will need a tankless water heater responsible for increasing the temperature of the water and a separate water pipe to supply water directly into the water heater. This water is what is then transferred into your shower and water taps.

Usually, a regular water system supplies water to every part of the house. It is in charge of directing water into your water closet, kitchen sink, and other areas of the house where water is frequently used. Therefore, understanding this system will help you solve a lot of problems and save some bucks.

Drainage or waste system

The second most crucial plumbing system in Fairfax and other places is the drainage system. While the absence of a water supply system means the house cannot function properly, the lack of a drainage system can jeopardize your health and make the house uncomfortable to live in. For instance, water used in the kitchen needs to be disposed of immediately to avoid weird and bad smells. Similarly, it is impossible to store bathroom water till the next day.

The drainage system is the plumbing system that ensures that wastewater is properly disposed  to prevent it from causing any discomfort in the house. It is one complicated plumbing system that may get you a little worked up to understand. However, it is first essential to know that the system is installed to pave fast and free access to the wastewater to leave your house. Hence, the installation of the pipes is downward to perform this task.

Installation of a drainage system is possible through many vents, traps, and clean-out equipment to ensure proper disposal. You can easily see these vents by simply looking at the roof of your house. The clean-out is present to ensure that you do not clog the pipes. When you drop solid things, the clean-out facilitates swift removal.

Types of drainage systems

Residential drainage systems usually feature any of the drainage systems listed below.

  • Types of drainage system
  • Surface drainage system
  • Subsurface drainage system
  • Downspout and gutter drainage system
  • Slope drainage system

Conclusion: Plumbing in Fairfax, VA

Some naturally think the plumbing system is complicated, so they cannot know how it works. Contrary to this belief, the plumbing system is designed straightforwardly and requires careful observation. By realizing that one pipe is connected to another at one point, you may be able to determine where the fault is coming from.

It is understandable if you do not have the full knowledge of how the system works; gaining the knowledge of the most prominent part of your house is a worthwhile decision that allows you to take proper care of the house. Simply put, the water supply system sends water into your house while the drainage system takes out the water. These two systems are the only reason why a home can function like one.

It is recommended that you keep the drains closer to the vents to ensure that the drainage system works properly. Also, do not forget to always keep the water supply off through the shutoff valves whenever you think there is a need to repair something.

There are several plumbing services in Fairfax; therefore, if your plumbing develops an issue and you cannot resolve that, contact a plumber in Fairfax, VA to help you with the problem.