Five Unusual Cleaning Superstitions From Around the World


Are you afraid of seeing a black cat before journey and consider number 13 unlucky? Whether or not you believe in them, we all are familiar with some bizarre beliefs like these. Superstitions are crazy, and it just leaves us wondering how people worldwide have beliefs like this.

As crazy as these are, you’ll be surprised to know about the things people are superstitious about. One such crazy thing is cleaning, and with help from, we have rounded up five of the craziest superstitious belief around the world.

Don’t sweep over someone’s feet

Imagine you have arranged a family and friends gathering at your house. While sweeping, it’s expected that you’ll sweep over people’s feet too. But according to this super crazy superstition, you shouldn’t do that at all.

According to the legend, it brings bad luck to those whose feet have been swept over. Some superstitions go even further, stating that person will never find a partner and die unmarried. However, the exciting thing here is, lifting this curse is pretty simple. All that person has to do is spit on the broom and voilà! The curse has been lifted.

Don’t clean on Friday the 13th

Millions of Americans are superstitious about this particular day, considering it unlucky. Can you even believe there is a psychological term for this superstition named paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th? Yes, that’s how superstitious Americans are about this day.

This is a day of don’ts, and not cleaning your house on this day is just one among them. Even picking up the broom, changing sheets, and doing laundry are unlucky.

Cleaning the house on the first day of the year 

After New Year’s party last night, it should be wonderful to rest on the first day of the new year. Well, this superstition begs to differ. According to this popular belief, cleaning the house on the first day is a must, since it’ll help you keep the house clean year wide.

This superstition is just an extended part of that famous superstition, do something good on the first day of the year, and it’ll keep happening to you for the rest of the year.

Don’t take out the trash at night

According to this belief passed down from generation to generation, taking the trash out after sunset is considered bad luck. By doing this, you are throwing away your good luck, especially in matters related to money.

Another popular explanation for this belief is that evil spirits can use this trash from your household and use them for evil rituals to cause harm to your family.

Store your brooms carefully

When you thought things couldn’t get crazier enough, her is a superstition about the ultimate weapon of home cleanup, our brooms. According to this belief, storing your brooms can affect your luck.

Here’s how it goes, if the broom is kept end down, it’ll sweep away all the good luck from your home. However, this superstition also has a practical aspect as it helps increase the lifespan of your broom.

Final Thoughts

After knowing about these superstitions, one thing is for sure that trying some of these can mess up your cleanup routine. But, as you can see, some of them have their practical reasons, too, even if we disregard them as superstitions. You might decide not to believe them, but if it’s a generational thing elders want you to follow, it won’t hurt to do so. Just follow these to make them happy.