Our Favorite Seder Plate Designs for 2022


The seder plate is integral to Passover celebrations – the Passover seder plate represents the entire tale of Passover. The story of Passover is written in the book of Exodus. Exodus 12:18 instructs Passover to be celebrated as follows; “from the fourteenth day of the month at evening, you shall eat unleavened bread until the twenty-first day of the month at evening.” However, most Jewish households eat from the seder plate on the first and second day of Passover – the days when celebrations are at their highest.

Below, we’ll look at some of the best seder plate designs to use in 2022.

Beautifully Bright and Colorful Seder Plates

Jewish religion, history, and culture love color. While traditional and simple seder plates are equally as beautiful, a pop of color can help to bring a Passover seder table to life. One seder plate design on the Judaica Webstore combines an enameled light pink lily pad with the traditional six-piece seder plate design. Jewish households often create a floral centerpiece for their seder table that a pink lily pad design would complement effortlessly.

Traditional Round Seder Plates

Seder plates are traditionally round with six spaces for the traditional Passover delicacies. More about the foods that fill a seder plate can be found here. The most elegant seder plates will include hints of Jewish culture and religion – such as blue and white patterns, the star of David, or gold and silver. Most round seder plates come with beautifully enamelled dishes that rest on top of the seder plate, but you can opt to buy separate ones.

Metal Seder Plates

Metal seder plates are simplistic yet bold and creative. Our top pick is the Zechor gold seder plate – gold being a symbolic color within the Jewish religion as it symbolizes the divine or celestial light, the glory of God. The beautifully crafted Zechor gold seder plate captures the elegance of the gold against the robust aluminum base.

Other designs feature aluminum and silver – silver being the emblem of moral innocence and holiness. These simplistic designs are both practical, bold, and yet delicate at the same time.

Minimalistic Seder Plates

A seder table is somewhat minimalistic, so it makes sense to explore minimalistic seder plates as a trend for 2022. One seder plate design that truly takes on the role of minimalism is the Aleph-Bet seder plate designed by Marilyn Davidson. The plate is decorated using depressions that will hold the six ceremonial foods – each depression is the first letter of each food that will rest on top of it.

We love this design as it’s minimalistic yet emphasizes each delicacy placed upon it in a traditional yet subtle way.

Seder plates are the centerpiece of a seder table – which is why there should be more of a focus on the design of the seder plate rather than the decoration of the table itself. Without a seder plate, there is no traditional Passover meal. A Passover meal is celebrated with Passover delicacies, wine, and hymns that all tell the Passover tale.