Simple Bedroom Design For Small Space || Check Out the Ideas + Concept Which You can Apply!

simple bedroom design

Bedroom is the place where you can feel relaxed. Almost every activity that you do is in your bedroom. That is why you need to choose the best design for your room. Here, for people who like the simple design, this is the perfect opportunity for you. We have all the simple bedroom design which you can apply right away.

Simple Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing your own bedroom to save up some space it is not easy. You need to think about the furniture placement and any other aspects. Here, we will transform your messy room into the simple one that you dream of. This is the right time to apply all the ideas which we give you right here. The ideas below will explain all the information which you need in your simple bedroom design such as furniture, wall texture, wall decor, and flooring.


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The selection of furniture is important when you do not have enough space. You can choose small desk to save up some space in your bedroom. Below the desk, you put a cupboard like a picture above. You can also use 3 in 1 bed. It can change the bed into mini cupboard and sofa. To make it more perfect, you can attach a cabinet on the wall. The function is to put your book if you do not use it rather than you put it on the floor. It will disturb your activity in your small bedroom.

Wall Texture

simple bedroom ideas
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You do not need to choose complicated wall texture to beautify the room. Remember, we offer you the simple bedroom design. Of course, we will use a simple method to change your room. As you can see from the picture above, the designer chooses the simple red color. Not only the wall texture but also the bed sheet uses red color. The designer really thinks thoroughly how to make the simple bedroom yet charming. For the last touch, place the red carpet to match the wall texture color.

Wall Decor

wall decor
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Actually, simple bedroom design does not require extraordinary wall decor. But, it will make your room feel lonely. To prevent it, you can choose the simple decor for your bedroom. You can copy like the picture above. It uses a poster and photo to make the room looks lovely.


© indelink

The next one we move to the flooring section. Just use wooden accent it is enough to show the simpleness. You can add a large carpet beneath your bed. The aim here is to make your bedroom looks simple. For the carpet choose the same color same like the picture above.

Simple Bedroom Theme Ideas

simple bedroom themes
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Now, this is special for people who want to have a unique bedroom but simple. We will offer you the simple bedroom theme ideas which you can apply in your room. The theme that we choose is Hello Kitty.


There are not many furniture selections if you want something simple. In order to blend well with the theme, the designer uses all the Hello Kitty stuff. From the bedroom, dustbin, and the cabinet. All of the things use pink colors. The bed sheet also uses Hello Kitty picture. For the addition, put a window and night lamp to make the room complete than ever.

Wall Texture

To support the Hello Kitty Theme, the wall texture uses pink color. We know the color looks exactly like the white color. But, it is not true, the designer chooses the soft pink color. So, it will not look so excessive.


Even though it uses Hello Kitty theme, we do not need to put every stuff which related to Hello Kitty. For the flooring, it uses the simple wooden accent. In order to make it similar to the theme, the designer put two carpets. The one who uses the Hello Kitty face and the other is normal pink carpet.

You can also check another bedroom design from the link below. Feel free to use this to enrich your knowledge about bedroom design.

Simple Bedroom Design Space Concept

After we give you all the ideas that you need to design your small bedroom. The next one, we will give you the concept which gives you brilliant ideas to create your own simple bedroom.

concept 4
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concept 3
© plaisirdeden
concept 2
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concept 1
© ivotopalov


Choosing a simple bedroom design is not easy. But after you look at the ideas above, it will inspire you to choose the best design. This is the right time for you to change your bedroom into the one!