Here is Why Repairing Asphalt is So Important


Like most things, asphalt is susceptible to wear and tear as it ages. Not taking the time to make repairs when needed will see it deteriorate drastically, and you might be out of pocket to replace the whole thing. Here are all the reasons why repairing your asphalt is so important.

Ensures it is safe to walk or drive on

Asphalt provides traction and is safe to drive and walk on. If your asphalt has damage such as potholes, cracks, exposed or loose aggregate, this can become a hazard. People may get injured and vehicles may get damaged. If you own a business and your asphalt isn’t up to par, you may be held liable for personal injury accidents and or damage to someone else’s car or property. If you take the time to make repairs as soon as they occur and you have proof of this, this can support you in any legal proceedings that may come before you.

It ensures that your home or business is aesthetically appealing

Unkempt facets of a home or businesses facade can give off a tacky and cheap look. If you are trying to make an impression on potential buyers, guests, or customers, it’s unlikely to be a good one.

Repairs can help you avoid replacements

Repairs are almost always cheaper than having to replace the whole asphalt area. Regular seal coating can prevent issues from occurring in the first place but the next best thing to avoid having to replace your asphalt is fixing minor defaults as soon as you notice them. Often once one pothole forms, it will form others. This is because water has been able to undermine the integrity of the asphalt by seeping into the subgrade material.

Maintains functionality

Your asphalt must be functional otherwise it is not serving its purpose. If you have to avoid certain areas when driving on it or you can’t walk in certain locations, it definitely should be looked at by a professional sooner rather than later.

Signs that your asphalt needs repairs


Cracks are the first sign that you have an issue with your asphalt. If these cracks are left to their own devices, they will turn into potholes. If they have only recently appeared, this isn’t a cause for alarm, and they are likely only surface-level cracks and water wouldn’t have had the chance to permeate any further than the initial layers. If they have been there for a while and have progressively got bigger, this is when they have the potential to cause a lot of damage. Seeing to them when you first notice them is the best approach and will ensure that water hasn’t had the chance to disrupt your subgrade materials underneath the asphalt. Resurfacing is a great solution to fixing minor to moderate cracks in your asphalt and can give it a renewed look. The best part is it costs significantly less than if you were to rip up the old asphalt and replace it.

Areas of unevenness

Several things can cause your asphalt to become uneven, some of the more common ones are improper installation, the weight-bearing capabilities have been exceeded, or wear and tear. Slight variances may be able to be rectified with a repair however if the damage is extensive, a replacement may be more economical and practical. Either way, if your asphalt has areas of unevenness, big or small, you should have it seen to by a professional, the longer you leave it, the worse it will become.

The asphalt is weathered

Over time your rich, black asphalt will fade to a dull and faded grey colour. This occurs due to UV ray exposure and is called oxidisation. While it is unavoidable, you can stop it from cracking and letting in water by repairing it with a resurfacing or sealcoating procedure. Leaving it as is can make it more brittle, and large cracks are likely to form. Having a fresh layer of asphalt laid or getting it seal coated provides flexibility and offers stronger durability.


Potholes, why are they a problem? Well, because it means the top protective layer of asphalt has been infiltrated, and the layers below have been compromised. This allows water to get into the subgrade materials and break them down, when something heavy goes across it like a car, the asphalt will sink, forming a pothole. This common problem can be fixed with a pothole repair. If you have many potholes in your asphalt, rather than doing many pothole repairs, resurfacing the entire area can give a better result looks-wise. All of the asphalt will be the same colour instead of their being patches here and there.

Weeds growing through the asphalt

If you have weeds growing through your asphalt, this is not a promising sign. It means that there is a gap between the asphalt itself and the ground below and if a weed has managed to grow through it, there’s a good chance that water has made its way to lower materials too. While you can spray the weeds with weed killer, this isn’t treating the bigger issue at hand, and that is the integrity of your asphalt.

We hope this post has given you an idea of why asphalt repairs are so important.

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