An Advanced Guide To Water Leakages In Your Home: Signs, Dangers, And Treatment


Water leaks happen every now and then and in every home. It is just that when the problem is small, they are just overlooked till it becomes a major problem.

Whether a minor leak or a major one, they shouldn’t be avoided in case. Even the smallest leak can result in potentially greater damage, dangers, and health issues if not treated immediately.

We have a tendency not to think about certain problems unless they become problematic enough to get our attention. Unfortunately, water leaks are one of such problems.

However, that should never be the case. Water leaks need to be on your priority list and must be taken care of when you see any water leak signs.

Today, we will talk about every aspect of water leakage in your homes and highlight its causes, signs, dangers, and treatment.

Water Leakages In Home

Water leakage is not always visible on the surface. Sometimes, the leakage takes its time to penetrate through the wall before it can be visible. When that happens, the damage is already done, and not even the experts can undo it.

On the other hand, there are some low-key water leakages with smaller warning signs which can sometimes go unnoticed. These warnings can come in low water pressure, water damage stains, or high utility bills.

If you notice any of these signs, call for water leak detection services. Professionals can come and check what is wrong with your water pipeline, audit the network and give you the current status.

Causes Of Water Leakages

Water leaks are a sneaky little problem. But, left unnoticed, the results can be monstrous!

  • Mold.
  • Structural damage.
  • Electrical issues.

– Are just a few problems you might encounter from water leaks.

One of the best ways to protect your home from future water leaks is knowing the causes. Knowing the reason behind water leaks will help you develop solutions that will help you prevent any water leakages.

1. Clogged Lines

Clogged drains simply cause inconvenience.

The worst you can get out of a clogged drain is them bursting on you and destroying the whole plumbing network. So never take any clogged drain lightly. Always think for the worst and take immediate action.

2. Broken Seals

When the pipelines are put together, several seals are installed. These seals are locations where you can have your appliances. Unfortunately, as your appliance ages, the seals start becoming weaker.

If you notice any condensation on your appliances or puddle around them, this is a clear sign of worn-out seals. Immediately replace them.

3. Corrosion

Everything has a lifeline. When your plumbing system ages, it starts to corrode with time. Corrosion makes the pipe weaker and more prone to cracking and bursting underwater pressure.

If you notice any discoloration of the pipes or have an old plumbing network, consider calling for professionals to have a look at your water pipes.

4. Damaged Pipe Joints

The point at which your pipe joined together. They are represented as weak points. This is because most of the water leak incidents happen from the joint. That means when you have excessive joints in your pie, it is more prone to any water leaks.

If you have a noisy pipe that makes a cracking sound, that’s the sign that joints are loose, or chances are joints might be under a lot of pressure.

5. Excess Water Pressure

High water pressure may feel nice, but excessive water pressure can put stress on your pipe. Most pipes and faucets can withstand a certain level of pressure. Exceeding the pressure limit will end up damaging the pipes.

If you find that the water pressure is excessive to what it needs to be. Call a professional and ask them to bring it down to the level where your pipe is safe.

Signs Of Water Leakages

Plumbing leaks are one of the frustrating experiences for any homeowner. Some leaks are minor and easy to fix, while some leaks are major and well hidden behind the walls. Unfortunately, by the time you become aware of the leaks, it has already ended up causing costly damage.

Hence, early detection of any water leaks can save you both time and money. Here are the signs that every homeowner needs to be aware of.

1. Higher Than Usual Water Bills

Keep track of your water bills. If your water bills increase for no obvious reasons, it is likely that there are some water leaks that eat away your extra water.

The best way to check whether or not there is any water leakage is to check your water usage before leaving the house and check it again once you return home.

2. Water Stain

A dark stain or discoloration of the ceiling is a sign of water leakage. These spots often indicate leaks in the roof. But if you have any bathroom in the area where the leakage is, it’s likely that the water leakage is coming from the bathroom.

In fact, you will often not see the sign of the leakage till the damage is enough to reach the other side of the wall.

3. Reduced Water Pressure

One reason for low water pressure can be that the pressure is low, but there is also another reason that causes water pressure to go low – The deposition of sediments in the pipeline.

Furthermore, when you have leaks, less amount of water runs through to where it needs to be.

4. Peeling Or Blistering

This is one of the minor signs that most homeowners ignore despite knowing that peeling and blistering of the paint usually happens because of water leakage. But they simply ignore it.

But you must understand that by the time you see peeling and blistering, the damage has already been done.

5. Rusty Pipes

Older homes, in particular, have galvanized pipes. Galvanized steel eventually falls victim to rust which leads to leaks. If your home has old galvanized pipes in place, make sure to notice the color change, stain, rust, and flaking. These are the signs of corrosion.

Replace the pipes with the newer ones without waiting for them to burst out completely. This will help you save time and money in the long run.

Dangers Of Water Leakages

Noticing and taking care of water leaks is important. Because if left unattended, they can become a costly venture. Below are a few dangers that are followed by water leaks.

1. Household Water contamination

If your water pipes carry drinking water to your household, a burst pipe can result in contamination. You might also experience a sudden drop in water pressure.

In addition, when there is a leak, it creates an opening for low-quality particles to enter the pipeline and lower the quality of the drinkable water.

2. Mold & Mildew Issues

Mold and mildew are probably the most serious problem you can face due to water leakage. When a water leakage happens, the area becomes wet, and most give the perfect constitution to the mold to grow. So the mold grows and makes the area damp and weak.

If the problem is not taken care of, it can spread to a wide area, including HVAC systems, walls, floors, wood framing, and even clothing.

3. Increased Utility Bills

As the water leakage continues, you will find that your utility bills are higher than normal. This happens because of water leakage. Most water escapes into the walls, attic, ceiling and saturates itself damaging the insulation layer of the house.

4. Health Effects

Mold and mildew are not only dangerous for structural damage in your home. But they can also have serious health consequences, especially for those who have respiratory problems.

Mold spores are known for their allergic reaction, throat inflammation, skin irritation, and red eyes.

5. Structural Damage

The attic is one of the major areas where water leakage causes the most danger. But that doesn’t mean it is the only place. Wall leakage is quite dangerous for the wall structure, wood deterioration, and damages to the overall frame of the house.

If these damages are not taken care of in their initial stage, it can also result in costly and expensive repairs. So, you must always keep an eye for the smallest sign of leaks and take care of them when they are still salvageable.

Investigate For Any Water Leakage Today!

Even the most experienced plumbers cannot undo damages done by water leakage. Water leakage in your home can put you in dangerous situations.

If you are not careful enough, you will find your basement filled with water, electrical wiring being damaged due to the leakage, and walls accruing heavy damage.

If you notice and suspect any sort of water leakage within your building, you must immediately call for professional help.