11 Clear Signs You Need Chimney Repair

A withering roof and chimney
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Most homeowners ignore the maintenance needs of their chimneys throughout the warm seasons. But when winters roll around, even a small problem with your chimney can cause serious temperature control issues in your home. Chimney professionals advise homeowners to keep their chimneys cleaned and well-maintained during the summers so they don’t have to face repair problems at the start of the winter. Here are some signs of chimney damage that require the attention of professional chimney repair services.

1. Signs of Efflorescence

The first and the most common sign of chimney damage is a white-colored deposition on its surfaces. It indicates excess moisture buildup in the chimney, which can cause long-term damage. The brick and mortar of your chimney may weaken and deform. If you notice any discoloration on your chimney, call for chimney repairs in CT right away.

2. Rust

Rust is the enemy of all metal surfaces, and your chimney is not any different. Rust indicates that your chimney is getting exposed to moisture regularly. The source of this moisture could be an internal leak any external water penetration. Get your chimney inspected if you notice this issue and opt for a repair.

3. Mortar Deterioration

Any gaps between your mortar joints can let in external moisture and destroy the masonry of your chimney. To prevent an incident of chimney collapse, get in touch with an expert CT masonry contractor and get your masonry repaired.

4. Lining damage

Another common sign of chimney damage is when chimney lining debris can be found in your fireplace. This will prevent you from using your fireplace safely and may lead to a fire. A chimney liner installation company in CT can take care of this issue for you and make your fireplace safe for use.

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5. Spalling Signs

Spalling usually starts with a few cracks at the bottom of the chimney and may result in chimney collapse later. This problem is also caused by moisture penetration into the chimney’s masonry. Chimney service providers in CT can add a waterproof material to your chimney and save it from the risk of spalling.

6. Wall and Ceiling Stains

Any stains or watermarks on the walls and ceiling below your chimney indicate a chimney malfunctioning. The damage starts from the chimney and spreads to many other structures in your home. If left untreated, this problem could cause mold growth in your home and weaken your home’s foundation as well.

7. Chimney Crown Problems

Every homeowner should make a habit of inspecting their chimney crown regularly. If the crown goes through any damage or deterioration, your chimney can be directly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Spalling and cracking often start in the crown and end up destroying your entire chimney. Opt for a chimney crown repair if you notice any cracks, and keep your home prepared for any weather changes.

8. Pest Infestation

If you are struggling to keep pests out of your home despite all efforts, you should take a closer look at your chimney’s cap, masonry, and lining. Often, a small hole or crack in the mortar lets pests inside your home, putting your family’s health at risk.

9. A Crooked Shape 

A chimney doesn’t settle overnight but slowly crumbles internally at first. Keep a close look at the posture of your chimney, and call a chimney repair service provider if it looks crooked or tilted.

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10. Water Dripping

Your home’s chimney is built to keep rainwater and snow out of your home. Any visible or audible signs of water seepage or dripping inside its structure should not be taken lightly. Check your chimney cap for any damage signs and consider investing in chimney rebuilding.

11. Creosote Build Up

Every functional chimney accumulates a small amount of creosote. But when you notice an excessive buildup of this material inside the lining, you should schedule a professional inspection. Find out why your fireplace is producing more smoke and replace the lining if needed.

If you have noticed any of these signs of damage in your home’s chimney, contact professional repair services and get it rectified right away!