Combination Of Modern Home Design Decoration With Monochrome Interior For Contemporary Two-Storey House

Modern home design decoration
© Décor Aid – Choose this modern home design decoration if you have a trouble in creating a good design of a two-storey house. The designer is brilliant in combining the modern decoration with the colorful interior in order to provide a good result for your contemporary house. The design itself is made for a two-storey house which only has some limited spaces in it. The designer also divides the bottom room and upper room perfectly without any mistakes. Do you want to see?

Modern Home Design Decoration For A Two-Storey House by Décor Aid

Décor Aid is very professional in choosing the color theme of this a two-storey house. The designer uses a monochrome theme which is combining white and black colors all over the room. For the example, in this modern living room decoration, the designer paints white color on the wall and black color in every line of the interior. Besides white and black colors, adding another dark color it will be better in order to support the main theme. The living room itself is decorated with modern interiors such as a light silvery-gray coffee table, four stacking bookshelves, and a modern tapestry under the gray couch.

Modern home design decoration by Décor Aid
© Décor Aid

This in an open floor space of a two-storey house in where you will spot the kitchen and dining room areas from the living room. Opposite the living room, there is a circle wooden dining table which is paired with four unique dining chair. In this modest area, some colorful interiors can be spotted by you. The designer places a wooden display cabinet to help you save your favorite stuff. The designer decorates this area with yellow color in order to make the dining room becomes stylish. Along the area, you can see kitchen right in front of the dining room. The kitchen itself is designed with a white accent all over the kitchen.

Modern home design decoration in living room
© Décor Aid
Modern home decoration with monochrome interior
© Décor Aid
Modern home design decoration ideas
© Décor Aid

Modern Bedroom Design Decoration with A Shade of Gray Color

Here some modern decoration ideas which are suitable to be applied in your bedroom. Décor Aid uses a shade of gray color for a whole bedroom with other ornaments as well. These are two different bedrooms which both of them are decorated with gray interiors. Both of these bedrooms use similar table lamps and pendant lights as well. To make your bedroom more beautiful and wonderful, you can put another painting on the wall. This is what Décor Aid says about modern home design 2016. Do you like it?

Modern bedroom design decoration
© Décor Aid
Modern home design decoration with gray color
© Décor Aid

Modern Bathroom Design Decoration Ideas Which Inspires you

Just because you have a modest bathroom space so does not need to be decorated. This bathroom design decoration is also on of modern home design decoration which is created by the expert hands of an interior designer, Décor Aid. The designer utilizes modern interiors all over the bathroom. The white stone wall textures are chosen by the designer to make the bathroom more artistic.

Modern bathroom design inspiration
© Décor Aid
Modern bathroom design decoration
© Décor Aid
Modern bathroom interior
© Décor Aid

Apply this modern home design decoration for your two-storey house right now. Besides that, Décor Aid also uses modern home design interior to make your home sweet home more stylish and awesome. If you want to see other designs, just visit and check here. Have a nice day!