Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?


Carpet is an important aspect of home decoration. Often, it’s one of the first items people buy as they build their houses. As such, carpet cleaning is a very important part of your home decor.

With our carpets, we continually and repeatedly walk across the surface. As we do, we leave behind dirt, grime, allergens, and more, even when we make it a point to clean our shoes at the door.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

Today, cleaning the home is important for people. While we have always understood the importance of hygiene, we haven’t always considered our floors and what they contain. Left unaddressed, dirty carpets become detrimental to our health.

Over time, and without a proper professional cleaning, carpets become a home to bacteria, dust, dirt, and germs, which continue to thrive in the depths of carpet fibers. In fact, the vast majority of microbes we find in the home settle in our carpets.

Because we keep our feet in shoes all day, they become dirty and sweaty, causing bacteria to form. Even when you leave your shoes at the door, your feet spread bacteria throughout the house.

What many people don’t realize is that the quality of your carpet impacts the quality of the air in your home.

Without consistent cleanings, allergens and germs in carpets settle and get kicked up into the air as we walk across them. Often, this leads to trouble breathing for many people.

6 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets

Mites & Bacteria

Dust mites, or carpet mites, are tiny bugs you can only see with a microscope. When they get into the air, it’s possible for people to breathe them in. Often, this causes allergies, breathing problems, and illnesses for people who are sensitive to dust.

When you clean your carpet, you help to curb this problem.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpet

When you clean your carpets regularly, you improve the durability and lifespan of the fibers. That means you give yourself more time with floors you love and don’t have to worry about expensive replacements.

Health of the Household

As mentioned earlier, the bacteria and dust that settles into carpet fibers cause short-term problems. However, they also have the potential to lead to long-term health issues for your family. Children can develop allergies or even asthma as a result of poorly maintained carpets.

Improve Air Quality

We all want to be happy and healthy, especially in our own homes. When you keep your carpets clean, you improve the quality of air in the house. If you focus on frequent cleanings, you help to remove bacteria and grime that pollute the air in your home.

Maintain the Appearance of Your Home

When you take proper care of your carpets, you improve the lifespan and longevity. Moreover, you help them keep a fresh, like-new appearance. When you have visitors, your carpet leaves a lasting impression. Don’t you want that to be a good one?

Get Rid of Odors

Whether you have stains from food or pets, they often leave behind an odor that wafts throughout the home. With proper carpet cleaning, you eliminate bad odors that sink into the padding and make everyone more comfortable.

Carpet Cleaning & the Health of Children

In any family, the children are the most valuable asset. We want to protect our children as they grow, and carpet cleaning plays a surprising role in this. Consider it this way: As babies grow, they begin to crawl.

That means, aside from pets perhaps, they are the closest to those carpets fibers. Even as they begin to walk and take their first steps, they trip and land on the carpet over and over again.

Moreover, children spend a great deal of time in the home. While they play games on the floor, crawl, or take naps, it leaves them vulnerable to whatever the carpet fibers contain.

The carpet in your living room, child’s room, and the play room are some of the most used carpets in the house. Shouldn’t they be an area of focus as you clean?

While it’s not always easy to clean these areas, it’s important to place due focus where it’s needed. Without proper cleanings, the dust, snack bits, grime, and stains fester. As they do so, it leaves your child exposed to bacteria and allergens that impact their health now and in the future.

Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Depending on the type of carpet you have, the cleaning methods vary. If you aren’t sure how to clean your own carpets, it’s a good idea to work with a professional. Often, the home DIY solutions cause more problems than they fix.

Additionally, even with frequent cleanings, it’s not easy to reach the depths in which the true problems lie. With professional equipment, carpet cleaners know how to tackle just about any problem you have with your floors.

When you want to maintain your carpet and improve your home, call on the pros at least once each year.