How Do I Exterminate My Own House?


Pests in the home are inevitable, no matter whether you live in a city, the suburbs, or in a rural location. There is a common saying that we are never more than a short distance from a rat, for example. Rats are ubiquitous, difficult to eliminate and carry spread nasty diseases. Then there are cockroaches – among the hardiest of all creatures on earth – and the smaller pests such as bed bugs and ants.

In this article, we will be looking at the common household pests in the USA. We will be covering some DIY tips that may help eliminate your pests and reduce the chance of them entering your home. We’ll also talk about professional pest extermination and why it might be the way to go. Let’s start by looking at the common household pests in the USA.

Common Household Pests

Professionals exterminators such as are routinely called out to deal with infestations of various different creatures that get into homes and tear up yards. The following are the most frequently seen pests in US homes:

1 – Ants come in many different forms, some of which are so small you will have trouble seeing them.

2 – Bed Bugs have made a comeback lately as more people than ever before take advantage of cheap overseas travel.

3 – Mosquitos are a global problem and can carry some dangerous diseases.

4 – Rodents mainly in the shape of rats and mice can be a troublesome lodger in your home.

5 – Cockroaches are commonplace and are an ancient species that are famously difficult to eliminate.

Those are the five most likely residents in your home, and you may also have trouble with termites, squirrels, and perhaps pigeons or other birds that live in your loft or other areas of the home. Now let’s talk about some DIY tips for extermination and prevention of the above-unwanted visitors.

DIY Tips for Home Extermination

Now that we are aware of the most common household pests likely to trouble us, it’s time to think about what to do about them. Let’s begin with rodents.

Rats and Mice come into your home looking for shelter and food, as do most home-invading pests. The first thing you can do to make your home less attractive to rodents is to keep all food in sealed packages and never leave waste out on the show. This applies to outdoors, where waste food should be put in a sealed bin. Sadly, leaving scraps out for the birds will simply encourage rodents.

You will also need to seal all possible entrance points, and bear in mind that mice especially can get through even the tiniest of spaces. Look for cracks in woodwork and stonework, for example, and cover air bricks in wire mesh. Traps can be laid for mice and rats and need checking on a daily basis, and there are many off-the-shelf products that claim to be effective. Always check these are pet-safe before using. A small family of mice can very quickly become hundreds or thousands, so we do recommend you have the professionals check out your infestation and offer advice and help.

Cockroaches are also looking for food and warmth and are surprisingly clever at remaining hidden. If you see one cockroach, be assured you have much living alongside you. These creatures carry some nasty viruses and bacteria, and you want them out of your home as quickly as possible.

Your local hardware store will more than likely have products on its shelves that promise to help rid your home of cockroaches. We suggest you research the more popular examples before trying them. This may mean using smoke bombs that release substances that kill the cockroach. In all honesty, we have heard so many tales of homeowners trying several methods at great expense and then calling in the professionals. Have an expert check out your home and advise on protecting against cockroaches, even if you have not seen them.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate as it is hard to find these tiny little creatures. They travel in the creases of clothes, linen, soft furnishings, and luggage and have become almost ubiquitous in recent years. While not dangerous as such, you don’t want them in your home as they feed on your blood! They can cause allergies in people who react.

The problem with ridding a home of a bedbug infestation is getting rid of existing eggs. Most of the DIY products claim to do so, but in fact, users have believed they’d rid the home of bugs only for remaining hidden eggs to hatch and begin a new infestation. In many cases, the only answer is to get rid of infested mattresses and other furnishings or call in the experts who will use proven methods to eliminate them for good.

Ants exist in many species and are fascinating creatures, but not one you want to share a home with! Once again, ants are looking for a warm and safe place to nest and breed, and create a colony. They are also attracted by available food. Keeping all foods sealed, wiping up spills of sticky and sweet substances, and disposing of waste correctly are your first steps. After this, you can try some of the methods in the shops, but let’s be honest: the professionals are the people who know how to remove ants and other pests successfully.

Should I Call in the Professionals?

If you see pests in the home – or signs that some have taken up residence – you have a choice of trying the DIY methods or calling in the professionals who have the expertise and methods to do the job thoroughly. You may be surprised that the cost of professional pest extermination is not as great as you expect. If you suspect a pest infestation, get in touch with a pest exterminator for help and advice on eliminating the pests and protecting your home against them, as it may be the most cost-effective method.