All Year Cooling And Heating: Preparing For The Summer Heat

A picture of an AC unit that needs some maintenance done before the summer heat hits.

An air conditioner needs to be ready when the temperature gets to the point that it’s running throughout the day. For anyone in South Florida, the summer heat hits quite a bit longer than in most locations. That’s why All Year Cooling And Heating continues to provide tips and resources for home and business owners looking to keep everything operating smoothly.

What are some of the key tips for keeping an air conditioner running during the summer? While every air conditioner can have its issues, most people will be fine doing these simple checks before making a call to All Year Cooling And Heating.

Shutting Down the Air Conditioner and Service Panel

This is to help maintain safety while performing maintenance on your AC unit. Make sure to turn everything off before doing the examination, or there’s a chance of something going horribly wrong. This is standard procedure for trained professionals, so anyone wanting to perform any maintenance should always practice proper safety.

Working on an air conditioner isn’t as risky as many other parts of a home or business, but things can still go wrong if it’s on. The best thing to do is follow standard procedures and go from there.

Filter Checks

Filters need to be replaced a lot more than most people realize. If they look like they are clogged with dust, it probably means that they need to be replaced. Most filters will last about six months, but they might need to be replaced sooner.

If it has been less than six months, there is a chance that a simple cleaning will get the job done. The most important thing to remember is that these filters encourage easy airflow and help to increase the efficiency of the unit. If they aren’t in excellent working order, it will slow the entire system down.

Filters are very easy for the average person to replace on their own. While All Year Cooling And Heating offers this service, it’s usually not necessary to have a technician replace your air filter.

Condenser Coils

Debris can pile up near the air conditioner condenser coils and fan. If it’s a central air conditioner condenser unit, it’s mostly going to be located outdoors. The outdoor unit has a huge fan and a metal box with grills on the sides.

The problem that those living in South Florida run into is that an air conditioner can be necessary even in December and January. That means that most people aren’t going to cover their unit, opening up the opportunity for debris and dirt to get in the way. Check the outside and inside of the box. Coils can get clogged.

Can the coils be easily cleared? It takes a little bit of work to remove the side and top panels and open up the top; because of this, it is best to call a company like All Year Cooling And Heating if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. They can have a technician to your house in no time to help make sure your AC is in good condition.

Coolant Lines

Coolant lines are usually pretty durable because of the coverage they come with. The problem comes when there are insulation issues. Coolant lines will need new foam insulation sleeves if they get frayed or even go missing for one reason or another.

This is relatively easy for the average person to handle on their own. However, it’s another service that All Year Cooling And Heating can take care of if you are feeling uncomfortable doing it yourself. It can sometimes be a little tough for people with no experience to handle some of these issues, which is why All Year Cooling And Heating will always step in and help out. Coolant lines need protection because they are way too vulnerable if they are open to the elements.

Running a Unit Test

A picture of an All Year Cooling And Heating employee going over an AC before doing a test run

After going through some of these basic checks, the last step is to test the unit and see how it’s working. That means reconnecting the condenser and setting things back up as they should.

To get the air conditioning unit to kick on right away, turn the thermostat in the home off before turning the power on at the main panel. Once it’s on, switch the thermostat to cool, and it should kick on in a matter of seconds.

Most air conditioners will inform home and business owners that something is wrong. They’ll either make a noise, or it becomes apparent that it’s not running as cool as it should. If that’s the case, that’s when an HVAC service technician needs to come out and take a look.

Getting Help From All Year Cooling And Heating

All Year Cooling And Heating is always prepared to offer help when customers need it. They know that going through a few days without cool air in the summer months can be miserable and even increases the chance of heat-related illnesses. This is why they provide these useful tips. The longer that an AC unit can remain running, the better.