How to Make Your Pool Safe for Use


During summer, swimming pools become the activity of focus for many families. Unfortunately, many kids lack healthy respect for potential dangers in the water, and curiosity usually draws them near.

In places where swimming pools are many, there are a lot of fatalities to young kids from drowning compared to traffic accidents. So the best ways to keep kids and adults alike safe from swimming pool dangers include:

1. Keep the Phone Away

Lifeguards see this every time. Caregivers and parents show up at swimming pools, ask their kids to stay on the shallow end, and go right on their smartphones.

Unwatched kids can end up being babysat by other adults or lifeguards. However, kids may silently slip into the pool and drown in a matter of seconds – the same time it takes you to upload a picture or post on your Instagram account.

You don’t have to leave your smartphone at home. As a matter of fact, you need to fully charge it so that you may call for help when there is an emergency.

But silence your phone and keep it in your bag. Convince your friends and family members to always do the same thing.

2. Ensure Swimming Pool Maintenance

Every year, people get sick from swimming pools that are not well maintained. In most circumstances, pool owners don’t use the right products, which allow larvae and algae to fester in their swimming pools.

This may deteriorate the health of swimming pools and, at the same time, make guests sick. Swimming pool owners don’t have to use chlorine to clean and treat their pools. Instead, they may use a pool alternative to chlorine, such as:

  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide

3. Install a Barrier

This can be a physical obstacle, like removable fences that surround your swimming pool so as to limit every unsupervised swimmer. The barrier is important to a safe pool and is required in many states in the US.

Effective pool barriers must prevent kids from getting over or under the fence and reaching the swimming pool. If you have pets at home, the fence as well serves as a deterrent to them from having access to your pool area.

The fence needs to be made from a high-strength and other materials, without handholds or feet, which will allow kids to climb.

4. Set up an Alarm

Having an effective swimming pool alarm will allow pool owners to know where unauthorized persons are in the area. A perfect place to install a pool alarm is on the gate or patio doors.

Currently, there are modern alarms you can install at the edge of your swimming pool. They will make a sound when an intruder enters your swimming pool.

Using this kind of pool alarm means you will be informed when unauthorized people come near your swimming pool.

Final Remarks!

Crystal clear and well-maintained swimming pools are usually at the center of the summer fun. Although most people emphasize preventing drowning, installing a pool barrier, and applying sunscreen when swimming, it is equally important to pay attention to the chemicals that go into the swimming pool.